Edmonton Community Spotlight: Cumberland in Northwest Edmonton Featured Image

Cumberland is an amenity-friendly neighbourhood located in Northwest Edmonton’s greater Palisades district. From schools and services to big-box retailers, restaurants and recreation venues, Cumberland residents enjoy having everything they need within arms’ reach (and then some). A broad selection of detached homes also makes Cumberland ideal for families in search of the perfect all-in-one community.

Did you know? All Palisades land once belonged to the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). As a result, all neighbourhoods in the area take their name from the company’s many fur-trading posts and forts. In this case, the Cumberland House was the HBC’s first inland trading post.

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Cumberland 

Though Cumberland was…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Glastonbury in West Edmonton Featured Image

Glastonbury is a newer West Edmonton neighbourhood, first established in the early 2000s. Perfect for families, the area consists mainly of single-family homes, highlighted by parks, accessible amenities and convenient commuter roads. Located in Edmonton’s greater Grange district, Glastonbury is also known for its laid-back atmosphere, perfect for Edmonton buyers in search of a quiet yet accessible community to call home. 

Did you know? All communities within the Grange refer to English estates formerly known as “granges.” Glastonbury, in particular, takes its name from an English monastery. Glastonbury, England, is also thought to be tied to the legend of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Glastonbury

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 Edmonton Real Estate Market Predictions For 2023 Featured Image

Often referred to as Canada’s Festival City, Edmonton is celebrated for its vibrant arts and culture scene, incredible choice of neighbourhoods and excellent infrastructure. It’s also rated one of the top cities in Canada for employment rates, affordable housing and overall positive quality of life. 

What can we expect from Edmonton’s thriving real estate market in 2023?

Here’s what you need to know. 

Climbing Interest Rates Expected to Stabilize 

When it comes to mortgage interest rates for 2023, economists are on the fence.Though the Bank of Canada (BOC) increased its rate seven times last year (including an entire percentage point in July), some experts are hopeful current rates are here to stay. Other economists predict a continuing…

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The Terry Paranych Top 22 for 2022 Featured Image

From comprehensive community spotlights to in-depth information on Edmonton’s best brunch spots, we’re counting down your favourite blogs of 2022.

22. Luxury Living in Edmonton: Ogilvie Ridge

Overlooking the Whitemud Creek Ravine, Ogilvie Ridge is located in Southwest Edmonton’s greater Riverbend district. Extremely nature-friendly, Ogilvie Ridge is defined by parks, green spaces, scenic walking paths and exceptional views. This unique community is also known for its high-end single-family homes boasting generous amounts of square footage and stunning upgrades.

21. 10 Affordable Neighbourhoods in Northwest Edmonton

Northwest Edmonton is home to nearly 50 vibrant neighbourhoods known for their family-friendly atmosphere, fantastic amenities…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Duggan in Southwest Edmonton Featured Image
Are you looking for an established Southwest Edmonton neighbourhood known for its affordable single-family homes and proximity to great amenities? Look no further than Duggan. This quiet, slower-paced community boasts family-friendly essentials, including schools, parks, and services, as well as convenient access to recreation, transit, and popular shopping hubs. A driver’s delight, Duggan also makes the ideal neighbourhood for residents in need of a streamlined commute to the Edmonton International Airport, Downtown Edmonton, the South Anthony Henday and more.

Did you know? Duggan was named after J.J. Duggan, a local landowner, pioneer and mayor of the former City of Strathcona (1901). Strathcona amalgamated with the greater City of Edmonton in…

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The Benefits of Choosing a Downtown Edmonton Condo Featured Image

Are you looking for a trendy, low-maintenance home with unlimited access to Edmonton’s best amenities? An apartment-style condo in Edmonton’s vibrant Downtown core may be exactly what you’re looking for. From converted warehouse lofts and mid-level apartments to high-rise luxury penthouses, central Edmonton has something to offer everyone. 

Here are just a few of the many perks that come with living in a Downtown Edmonton condo:

Downtown Living Defined 

Downtown (condos) are the perfect choice for working professionals, first-time buyers, or any buyer searching for a low-maintenance home near it all. Offering convenient access to Edmonton’s central business district as well asa diverse array of amenities (including arts and cultural venues,…

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 Edmonton Community Spotlight: Brintnell in Northeast Edmonton Featured Image

Brintnell is a newer Northeast Edmonton neighbourhood located in the greater Pilot Sound district. Though community plans were approved in the early 1980s, development in Brintnell did not begin until the early 2000s. Today, Brintnell is a thriving, family-friendly community known for its quiet atmosphere, walkability, and spacious single-family homes. Thanks to the community’s great location, Brintnell residents also enjoy convenient access to popular amenities, including schools, shops, services and much more.

Did you know? Commemorating Edmonton’s aviation history, the Pilot Sound district comprises five neighbourhoods named after a famous Canadian pilot. These include Brintnell, Matt Berry, Cy Becker, McConachie and Hollick-Kenyon.

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Luxury Living in Edmonton: Belgravia Featured Image

One of Edmonton’s oldest communities, Belgravia is defined by mature, tree-lined streets, beautiful homes and river valley location. Extremely diverse, home styles in Belgravia consist of updated character homes and new infill options, including modern apartments and laned properties. Popular amenities in the area include schools (the University of Alberta), Whyte Avenue and the Capital and Metro LRT lines – all within walking distance!

Community Profile 

Belgravia was once the southwest terminus for the Edmonton streetcar line. Development in the community began in 1912 when Edmonton entrepreneur and businessman Robert Tegler put the area on the real estate market. Belgravia was nearly complete by the 1960s, though redevelopment has…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Windermere in Southwest Edmonton Featured Image

Welcome to Windermere, one of Southwest Edmonton’s most highly sought-after communities. A newer addition to this side of the city, Windermere is known for its beautifully constructed homes, fantastic location and inclusion of nearly every convenience one could ask for. The word Windermere also means “to take one’s breath away,” a fitting name for a neighbourhood that offers expansive open green spaces, walking trails, stormwater ponds, and some of the best golf and riverside views Southwest Edmonton has to offer.

Did you know? Windermere is considered one of the largest neighbourhoods in the capital region according to landmass, much of which is outdoor recreation and park space.

Windermere Real Estate and Homes For Sale

Once a…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Carlisle in Northwest Edmonton Featured Image

The established neighbourhood of Carlisle is located in Northwest Edmonton’s popular Castle Downs district. The community encompasses all real estate located east of Baranow, south of 145th Ave, west of Castle Downs Road and north of 137th Ave. A mature community, development in Carlisle began in the 1970s with an emphasis on single-family homes. With construction continuing over the next two decades, Carlisle has become a diverse, amenity-rich neighbourhood known for its mixed, affordable home styles and family-friendly atmosphere.

Did you know? Like all Castle Downs neighbourhoods, Carlisle takes its name from a famous castle. In this case, an English castle located along the English/Scottish border. The castle was built in 1093 by King William…

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