Edmonton Community Spotlight: The Uplands at Riverview Featured Image

The Uplands at Riverview in Southwest Edmonton is a developing neighbourhood defined by nature. This thriving new community offers a diverse range of brand-new home styles, top-notch amenities, beautiful parks and convenient access to major transportation routes. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a growing family, or looking to downsize, The Uplands at Riverview has something for everyone.

Did you know? The Uplands at Riverview backs onto the Wedgewood Creek Ravine. As a result, many Uplands homeowners enjoy panoramic views!

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in The Uplands at Riverview

The Uplands at Riverview features a variety of home styles to suit every taste and budget. With a mix of affordable starter homes and luxurious…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: The Hamptons in West Edmonton Featured Image

The Hamptons, situated in far West Edmonton, stands out for its convenient yet partially secluded setting along the city’s outskirts. This family-focused neighbourhood is celebrated for its proximity to the West Anthony Henday ring road and accessible local amenities. Founded in the early 2000s, The Hamptons presents potential buyers with a wide range of contemporary home styles, including single-family homes, semi-detached properties, townhomes and apartment-style condos.

Did you know? Neighbourhoods within The Grange Area Structure Plan (ASP) refer to a period in England’s past when estates were known as “granges.” The Hamptons refers to London’s Hampton Court, the favoured residence of King Henry VIII. (Source: City of Edmonton)


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Edmonton Community Spotlight:  Rio Terrace in West Edmonton Featured Image

Rio Terrace is a highly sought-after neighbourhood located in popular West Edmonton. Quaint, mature and defined by river valley views, Rio Terrace is known for its well-kept properties and family-friendly atmosphere. If you’re looking for a beautiful family home equipped with high-end features, mature landscaping, and close proximity to some of the city’s best amenities, Rio Terrace might be the perfect neighbourhood for you.

Did you know? Rio Terrace was named in the 1950s. “Rio,” meaning “river” in Spanish, is a nod to the community’s scenic location along the North Saskatchewan River.

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Rio Terrace

Rio Terrace emerged in the late 1950s, though most residences (70%) were constructed in the 1960s.…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Potter Greens in West Edmonton Featured Image

Potter Greens is a nature-friendly neighbourhood located in Lewis Farms, West Edmonton. Known for its scenic golf course views, expansive open green spaces, and convenient access to excellent amenities, Potter Greens is the perfect choice for those seeking a convenient and vibrant community. Residential development in Potter Greens began in the 1990s and was mostly finished by the early 2000s, focusing on contemporary single-family homes.

Did you know? Lewis Estates includes a total of eight distinct neighborhoods, namely Potter Greens, Breckenridge Greens, Lewis Farms Industrial, Rosenthal, Secord, Stewart Greens, Suder Greens, and Webber Greens.

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Potter Greens

Potter Greens is an excellent…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Hawks Ridge in Northwest Edmonton Featured Image

One of the latest additions to Northwest Edmonton, Hawks Ridge is a burgeoning community in the city’s “Big Lake” district. Like all Big Lake district neighbourhoods, Hawks Ridge is a nature lover’s delight. In addition to its proximity to Big Lake (waterfront views, anyone?), Hawks Ridge features 105 acres of natural area littered with walking trails, mature trees, scenic vantage points, wetlands and more. But that’s far from all. Hawks Ridge’s stylish detached and semi-detached homes, combined with easy access to amenities, make it the ideal neighbourhood for active families who want to be near it all. 

Did you know? The Big Lake Area Structure Plan was established in 1991. Despite its approval over 30 years ago, development did not begin until…

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9 Easy New Year’s Resolutions (You’ll Be Able to Keep)

Gym memberships and language courses aside, here are nine ultra-easy, life-changing New Year’s resolutions ideas you’ll definitely be able to stick to.

1. Follow Your Instincts 

“Trust your gut” is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot – and for good reason. Science has proven that listening to your gut reaction will actually keep you from making mistakes! Get started today with these 9 Ways to Trust Your Gut.

2. Sit Less 

Research shows that those who sit for more than eight hours a day have an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and more. The good news is that 60 to 75 mins of standing/ physical activity a day can counteract sitting effects – all you need to do is make a few changes such as:

  • Stand for 10…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Secord in West Edmonton Featured Image

Secord is a budding new residential area located in West Edmonton’s Lewis Farms district. It is defined by wetlands, treestands, ponds and walking trails, making it the perfect place for individuals seeking tranquility in the great outdoors. Despite its peaceful nature, however, the community is also located within arms’ reach of brand-new amenities including trendy new shops, services, schools, entertainment venues and much more.

Did you know? 50% of Secord was developed as of 2019. The perfect community for new construction home buyers in Edmonton, Secord presents the perfect opportunity to buy or build your brand-new home.

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Secord

The Secord Neighbourhood Structure Plan was adopted in 2007, with…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Rosenthal in West Edmonton Featured Image

Rosenthal, located in scenic Lewis Farms, is a new west Edmonton neighbourhood. Surrounded by green space, defined by landscaped walking trails and situated within close proximity to excellent amenities, Rosenthal is the ideal choice for those who want to have everything they need within arms' reach. Construction is still currently underway in this budding new community, with an emphasis on roomy single-family homes, followed by a variety of different home styles.

Did you know? In addition to Rosenthal, Lewis Estates consists of seven other popular neighbourhoods, including Breckenridge Greens, Lewis Farms Industrial, Potter Greens, Secord, Stewart Greens, Suder Greens, and Webber Greens.

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in West Edmonton…

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How to Maximize the Sale of Your Home by Asking for Less Featured Image

Of course, you want to get the highest possible price for your home. As such, you may be inclined to list at the maximum price to receive top dollar. But what if we told you that you could potentially get more out of your home’s sale by asking for less? Here, we’ll explore the concept of asking for less when selling your home and how it can lead to a better outcome for both you and your potential buyers.

The Psychology Behind Asking for Less

When potential buyers see a home listed at a slightly lower price, it creates an immediate sense of value and opportunity. Buyers are more likely to perceive a home as a great deal and act more quickly, resulting in increased interest and/or a potential bidding war. By asking for less, you can create a sense…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Carter Crest in Southwest Edmonton Featured Image

Located in the heart of Southwest Edmonton, Carter Crest is an established community near the scenic Whitemud Creek Ravine. The Greater Riverbend area adopted the Carter Crest Neighbourhood Structure Plan in 1989, with most residential development completed in the 1990s. The community was thoughtfully designed to integrate seamlessly with the surrounding neighbourhoods via quiet side streets, sidewalks and pathways. 

Did you know? Carter Crest was named after Canadian government agent Robert Carter, who advised Americans on their immigration prospects to Canada. Carter lived on a farm (Riverside Farm) in the area now known as Terwillegar Park. In the early 1900s, he moved to the City of Strathcona, where he served on the council for rural affairs.…

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