Are you in search of homes for sale or other real estate opportunities in Sherwood Park? Here’s what you need to know.

About Sherwood Park 

Converted from farmland into a satellite town in the early 1950s, Sherwood Park was formerly referred to as “Campbelltown” honouring one of the area’s developers, John Hook Campbell. As of 1955, Campbelltown’s first model homes were constructed to accommodate those working in various east Edmonton industries. The hamlet’s name was changed to Sherwood Park in 1956, however. Canada Post would not approve Campbelltown due to several pre-existing communities with a similar name.  

Despite being recognized as one of the largest “cities” in Alberta, Sherwood Park retains its status as a hamlet (better known as…

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Tucked away along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Beverly Heights is an established Northeast Edmonton neighbourhood whose history dates back to the late 1800s. Formerly a standalone town known for its lucrative coal mining operations, Beverly didn’t amalgamate with the greater City of Edmonton until the early 1960s. To this day, this mature community maintains a quiet and independent vibe reminiscent of its small-town roots. Quaint, outdoor-friendly, and brimming with convenient amenities, Beverly Heights is a popular choice among first-time buyers, growing families, and anyone searching for an affordable single-family home.

Did you know? First established as a village (prior to becoming a town in 1914), the Village of Beverly…

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Home to some of Edmonton’s oldest and most established neighbourhoods, Central Edmonton is both the physical and historical core of Alberta’s Capital City. Featuring a vibrant arts and culture district, a thriving business sector and some of the best amenities in the capital region, Central Edmonton encompasses a multitude of unique and affordable communities, perfect for any buyer on a budget.

Boyle Street 

Average Listing Price: $234,000

Minimum Listing Price: $49,999

Maximum Listing Price: $3M

One of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods, Boyle Street was first established in 1892 along with the town of Edmonton. Often referred to as Downtown East Side, this historical community was once a hub for commercial activity. Most residences…

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Prince Rupert is an established community located just ten minutes from Edmonton city centre. Situated in Central Edmonton, this mature neighbourhood has roots dating back to the late 1800s as a former part of the Hudson Bay Company land reserve. Despite this fact, residential development didn’t really occur until the 1950s due to Edmonton’s post-WWII housing boom.

A quaint community noted for its affordable blend of home styles, easy accessibility and proximity to many of Edmonton’s most popular amenities, Prince Rupert is well suited to various lifestyles and budgets.

Did you know? The community takes its name from the Prince Rupert Golf Course, operated by the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) between 1930 and 1951. The course itself was named after…

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Manufactured homes are rapidly becoming the go-to choice among Edmonton home buyers, and not just because they represent some of the most affordable homes for sale on the Edmonton market. Following their ultra-low-price tag, these models are highly sought after due to the unique community atmosphere they provide – an atmosphere you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Located in nearly every quadrant of the city, these one-of-a-kind neighbourhoods can be found throughout the capital region, each celebrated for its accessible location, distinct community features, and budget-friendly homes.

Maple Oak Ridge in Southeast Edmonton 

Maple Oak Ridge is a thriving manufactured home community situated in Southeast Edmonton. First established…

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Prince Charles is a Central Northwest Edmonton neighbourhood located directly west of Edmonton’s old Municipal Airport. First annexed by the City of Edmonton in 1910, development of this established community was spurred by the expansion of the city’s electric streetcar line. Today, Prince Charles is a thriving neighbourhood known for its mature, tree-lined streets, affordable homes and proximity to fantastic Northwest Edmonton amenities.

Did you know? The community was formerly known as North Inglewood. This was until the local school was renamed in honour of Prince Charles of Wales in 1953. The name was eventually applied to the entire neighbourhood following a petition by the Prince Charles Community League. 

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Are you forever struggling to keep up with your home? Keep cleaning under control by incorporating these simple tips into your everyday routine.

1. Make Your Bed Every Morning 

Sometimes the smallest tasks can make the biggest difference. Making your bed in the morning doesn’t just keep your room looking clean and tidy – it also puts you in a productive mindset for the day ahead. Plus, crawling into a nicely made bed at night sets you up for a more restful sleep.

2. Get Rid of Clutter 

Keeping a clean home will be more of a challenge if it’s packed to the brim with stuff. Rather than constantly trying to keep clutter under control, take time to purge on the regular. You may choose to throw away or donate items you’re no longer using,…

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Welcome to Downtown Edmonton: home to the Edmonton Oilers, Churchill Square, City Hall and some of the hottest real estate our vibrant city has to offer. Featuring a broad mix of office, retail, warehouse, and residential land uses, Downtown Edmonton has undergone substantial development over the last several years. This has made it an increasingly attractive option among buyers searching for a hassle-free home near Edmonton’s best amenities.

Did you know? Marking our city’s humble beginnings, Fort Edmonton and the Hudson Bay Company Reserve lands once occupied Edmonton city centre. This resulted in the expansion of the Town of Edmonton, creating a commercial hub of activity centred around modern-day Jasper Ave and 97th Street. 

Real Estate…

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