A rental income suite can be defined as a separate residence located within a detached, semi-detached or row house with its own living, sleeping, kitchen and bathroom facilities. While many suites are created through the development or conversion of a basement, other alternatives can include garage and garden suites.

What’s more, rental income suites — or secondary suites — are becoming increasingly popular among Edmonton homeowners and buyers looking to generate additional income and get started in the real estate investment business.

Here are the top 6 advantages of investing in a rental income suite:

Pay Down Your Mortgage Faster 

One of the most significant benefits of owning a secondary suite is the ability to offset your monthly…

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What’s the difference between a mortgage pre-qualification and pre-approval? We’re glad you asked. While both are important steps in the home buying process, there are some key distinctions between the two.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is a Mortgage Pre-Qualification? 

Simply put, a mortgage pre-qualification is a free estimate of how much home you might be able to afford. After making a high-level assessment of your finances (income, debt, assets, etc.), a lender will provide you with a ballpark figure for how much you can expect to borrow. Pre-qualifications are typically done the same day online, in person or over the phone.

Advantages of Getting Pre-Qualified 

  • Knowing how much home you can afford before you begin the home…

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Crestwood is an established Edmonton neighbourhood known for its mature trees, diverse real estate options and scenic river valley views (not to mention, Edmonton’s celebrated Candy Cane Lane). Located in the city’s central west, this highly coveted area features large lots, ample amenities and makes an ideal choice for families looking for a quiet, friendly place to call home.

Family-Friendly Home Styles  

While there are some apartment-style and semi-detached units to choose from, real estate in the area consists primarily of detached, single-family homes (with prices typically starting in the low 500’s). Having been established in the early 1950s Crestwood is a blend of both older, well-kept character homes (many featuring modern…

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From budgeting and maintenance to interior design and the latest Edmonton real estate information, the following apps are a must-have for homeowners.

1. Centriq 

Save some room in your junk drawer with the help of Centriq. A free, award-winning app available to both iOS and Android, this all-in-one tool helps you manage and maintain the products in your home (i.e. appliances). Whenever you invest in a new device, simply take a photo of the product’s label and manual and warranty information will be instantly stored in the app.

In addition to receiving regular reminders on product maintenance and cleaning, you’ll have access to replacement parts info, product recalls and much more (not to mention, far less paper clutter around your home).

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Are you looking for a home style that offers all the perks of a single-family dwelling with none of the maintenance? A townhome or semi-detached duplex may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. Here are just a few of the many advantages that come with owning one of these highly popular home styles.

Little to No Maintenance

Townhomes are a desirable choice among Edmonton home buyers looking for low-maintenance living. As many townhome/ semi-detached duplex communities are accompanied by a homeowner’s association (HOA) or condo board, outside chores such as snow removal, landscaping and mowing the lawn are taken care of for you.

*Note: Some Edmonton townhome and semi-detached developments are condo-fee free but will require some homeowner…

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Boost your home’s curb appeal with this handful of easy tips.

Pressure Wash the Exterior

A lot of grime can accumulate on your home’s exterior over the course of a year. Give your home’s appearance an instant boost by pressure washing the siding, windows, deck, patio, gutters and walkways.

Note: You can rent a pressure washer from most major hardware stores

Check Your Gutters

Now that you’ve cleaned your gutters to ensure proper drainage, check their appearance. Are they looking warped, sad and saggy? A gutter replacement will help sharpen the lines around the exterior of your home and protect it from water damage.

Show Your Lawn Some Love

In addition to the standard spring rake and mow, opt to give your lawn a healthy new start…

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As per the provincial government, Alberta is scheduled to slowly start returning to normal – with many services set to reopen as early as May 14th. While strict public health measures, physical distancing and hygiene practices will continue to be reinforced, Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy will focus on “gradually reopening businesses, resuming activities and getting people back to work.”

Here’s what to expect:

Conditions for Relaunch 

The province’s relaunch plan is divided into three phases: The Current Situation, Stage 1 and Stage 2 (with a further Stage 3, depending). According to authorities, the following conditions much be in place for stage 1 to begin:

  • Enhancement of nation-leading testing capacity
  • Comprehensive contact tracing…

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