If you’re stuck deciding whether to sell or stay, you’re not alone. Many people find themselves reluctant to give up the home they’ve loved and appreciated for so many years, even if it no longer meets their needs. For this reason, homeowners may opt to renovate, in an attempt to get their current property to better suit their lifestyle. 

But are renovations really worth the cost and effort? Here are a few things to consider:

Renovation vs. Down Payment Costs 

According to the experts, most Canadians plan to spend at least $10,211 to renovate their homes. Of those choosing to renovate, nearly 40% go over budget, with average costs ranging anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot (i.e. a 1,600 square foot home x $10/square foot = $16,000).

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Are you thinking about buying an Edmonton home? Unsure of whether to buy brand-new or a home that’s been previously owned? While each style has its perks, the decision ultimately comes down to which purchase will best suit your unique wants, needs and lifestyle.

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider:

New Construction Homes 

Buyers considering a new construction home in Edmonton can find a property in a number of flourishing new neighbourhoods around the city.

New Construction Home Advantages:

  • Potential to Customize – When building from the ground up, you’ll get to choose every fit and finish right down to the last detail. The same option may apply to spec homes, which are already in construction but have yet to…

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Welcome to beautiful Belgravia! After serving as the southern terminus for the Edmonton Radial Railway (a streetcar service operating from 1908 to 1951), this historic neighbourhood was officially converted for residential use in 1912. Characterized by mature trees, open green spaces, easy walkability and scenic river valley views, Belgravia offers a diverse range of home styles in a quiet, family-friendly setting.

Belgravia Home Styles 

Belgravia is best known for its single-family homes. With most residences built before the early 1960s, the community houses mainly bungalows, semi-bungalows and two-storey character homes – many of which have been upgraded to include modern amenities. While the neighbourhood does offer several contemporary…

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When it comes to homeownership, bigger isn’t always better. Especially when you find yourself spending more time physically (and financially) maintaining your home than enjoying it. If you’ve been thinking about downsizing to a smaller home better suited to your needs, here are six benefits to look forward to.

1. Significant Savings 

Larger homes don’t just come with larger mortgage payments. T
hey also cost more to heat, cool and maintain. One of the biggest benefits of making the move to a smaller property is savings as a result reduced of utility bills, property taxes and insurance premiums. In short, you’ll have more to put towards your retirement fund, existing debt and mortgage loan (with the added advantage of becoming mortgage-free…

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Of course, you love your home. After all, you picked it, right? Unfortunately, nothing stays the same forever – not even you! Careers change, families grow, lifestyles evolve and, as a result, you may find your home isn’t meeting your needs the way it used to.

Have you outgrown your current home? Here’s how to tell:

1. You’re Bursting at the Seams With Stuff….

If you need to clear a path to make it from one end of your home to another, it might be time for a new one. Even if you’ve managed to keep clutter out from underfoot, if your closets are bursting at the seams (no matter how many times you purge and organize), a home with more storage will make life a lot easier.

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