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One of Edmonton’s oldest communities, Belgravia is defined by mature, tree-lined streets, beautiful homes and river valley location. Extremely diverse, home styles in Belgravia consist of updated character homes and new infill options, including modern apartments and laned properties. Popular amenities in the area include schools (the University of Alberta), Whyte Avenue and the Capital and Metro LRT lines – all within walking distance!

Community Profile 

Belgravia was once the southwest terminus for the Edmonton streetcar line. Development in the community began in 1912 when Edmonton entrepreneur and businessman Robert Tegler put the area on the real estate market. Belgravia was nearly complete by the 1960s, though redevelopment has…

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A historic community, Oliver was considered Edmonton’s original “West End.” The neighbourhood’s roots date back to the late 1800s when the Hudson’s Bay Company established its land reserves. By the 1900s, the area was home to two hospitals (Misericordia and General) as well as several churches and schools. The community was officially named in 1937 and is now known as one of the trendiest and most-amenity friendly neighbourhoods in the entire capital region.

Did you know? The Oliver Community League has launched a neighbourhood renaming initiative. The process, which will be Indigenous-led and involve as many diverse communities as possible, seeks to better represent the neighbourhood’s values.    

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Westwood is a Central Edmonton neighbourhood located 10-minutes north of downtown. As such, residents of this established community enjoy having some of the city’s best amenities at their doorsteps, including everything from the trendy shops, services, and restaurants of Jasper Avenue to the scenic parks and pathways of the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Perfect for first-time buyers, working professionals, growing families and every lifestyle in between, Westwood is also known for its eclectic array of home styles, affordability, and mature-community vibe.

Did you know? Though the origins of the name “Westwood” remain unknown, the northern section of Westwood was previously referred to as Northcote. (City of Edmonton)

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Rossdale is a historic Edmonton neighbourhood located in Central Edmonton. Rossdale’s roots date back to the early 1800s, when the area was home to two fur trading forts and, subsequently, the start of settlement within Edmonton. Formerly referred to as Ross Flats, the community also featured several early industries (a lumber yard, coal mine, brewery, icehouse and power plant) and was a supply point for the Klondike Gold Rush. Today, Rossdale exudes a unique sense of historical charm while offering buyers a broad selection of home styles and proximity to downtown Edmonton.

Did you know? Rossdale takes its name from Donald Ross, who built Edmonton’s first hotel at the base of McDougall Hill (1876).

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Rossdale

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Parkdale is a Central Edmonton neighbourhood located just 5-minutes north of the downtown core. Rich in character and history, Parkdale’s roots can be traced back to the early 1900s when Edmonton was first incorporated as a city. The community’s development coincided with the construction of a local streetcar line, which provided direct access to the many shops and services lining adjoining 118th Avenue. Today, Parkdale’s easy accessibility, combined with its ultra-affordable home styles, make it the ideal location for families on a budget and first-time buyers looking to be near it all.

Did you know? Edmonton achieved city status in 1904 with a population of 8,350 people. Edmonton then became Alberta’s capital city only a year later when the…

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As one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods, McCauley has a lot to offer home buyers by way of character, affordability and proximity to fantastic amenities. Safe, colourful and diverse, McCauley continues to undergo city-led revitalization, geared towards preserving the community’s historical sense of charm and beauty.

Yet another major perk of living in this one-of-a-kind neighbourhood is its location – just 10 minutes north of downtown. As a result, McCauley residents enjoy having immediate access to transit, restaurants, recreation, entertainment and the countless trendy shops and services of Edmonton’s vibrant city centre.

Did you know? McCauley’s current revitalization goals include: Celebrating and building the neighbourhood, providing…

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Elmwood Park is a mature community located in historic Central Edmonton. First established in the early 1940s to cater to returning WWII veterans, development within the neighbourhood continued well into the 1970s. Situated along Fort Road and the Yellowhead Highway, Elmwood Park is a highly accessible community, defined by mature, tree-lined streets, proximity to amenities (including those of vibrant downtown Edmonton) and affordable home styles.

Did you know? Elmwood Park was formerly known as Grierson Estate (named after Edward “Del” Delgare Grierson, an Edmonton city councillor 1860 -1922). The name was changed to Elmwood Park in 1945 as a nod to the many Elm trees planted by veterans along the boulevards. 

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Boyle Street is one of Edmonton’s oldest communities. Situated directly east of the downtown core, this vibrant inner-city neighbourhood dates back to 1892 when Edmonton was a newly created town. With the Hudson Bay Company (HBC) Reserve pushing the town’s development eastward, Boyle Street quickly became Edmonton’s first commercial district, bustling with activity. In fact, Boyle Street was once considered the original “downtown Edmonton” (while the current downtown was still occupied by the HBC).

Today, Boyle Street remains one of Central Edmonton’s most architecturally diverse neighbourhoods – celebrated for its affordability, fantastic location and proximity to countless popular amenities.

Did you know? Boyle Street takes its name from John…

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Like most Central Edmonton neighbourhoods, Central McDougall is an older community, with roots dating back to the city’s humble beginnings in the early 1900s. During Edmonton’s real estate boom of 1912, the Hudson’s Bay Company put several of its land holdings up for sale, including Central McDougall. After the boom’s collapse shortly after, the community was slow to develop, though most of the area was almost complete by the early 1950s.

Thanks to Central McDougall’s established status, the neighbourhood sits within close range to some of the city’s most celebrated amenities, including Rogers Place, Kingsway Mall, Commonwealth Stadium and the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Location paired with affordable condo prices make Central McDougall the…

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Home to some of Edmonton’s oldest and most established neighbourhoods, Central Edmonton is both the physical and historical core of Alberta’s Capital City. Featuring a vibrant arts and culture district, a thriving business sector and some of the best amenities in the capital region, Central Edmonton encompasses a multitude of unique and affordable communities, perfect for any buyer on a budget.

Boyle Street 

Average Listing Price: $234,000

Minimum Listing Price: $49,999

Maximum Listing Price: $3M

One of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods, Boyle Street was first established in 1892 along with the town of Edmonton. Often referred to as Downtown East Side, this historical community was once a hub for commercial activity. Most residences…

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