While the answer will vary according to your unique situation, there are a few key signs it may be time to downsize. These include: 

  • An empty nest – Now that the children have flown the coop, you’re finding yourself with a lot of unused rooms and spaces
  • You’re retired (or close to retirement) – You want to boost your retirement fund 
  • You’re tired of maintenance – Your current home is becoming a burden in terms of repairs, cleaning and general upkeep 
  • You want to age in place – You’re worried your current home may not meet your needs as you grow older  

What Are the Benefits? 

While we understand it’s hard to give up your older family home, downsizing comes with great benefits! Here are just a few of the many perks you can look…

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Is your current Edmonton home starting to feel like a burden? Do you find yourself wasting a lot of time, money and effort maintaining unused rooms and yard space?  It may be time to consider downsizing. Here are the top 4 signs: 

1. You Have an Empty Nest

We know the decision to give up your family home can be a tough one. However, additional, unused spaces such as bedrooms, secondary living/ family rooms, finished basements etc. aren’t only a pain to clean, they drive up your monthly utility bills and maintenance costs. Keep in mind, the decision to downsize also affords you the opportunity to move closer to loved ones and simplify your life at the same. 

2. You’re Retired (or about to retire)

Downsizing is a great way to pad your…

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Homeowner’s insurance, mortgage insurance and mortgage life insurance all play an important role in homeownership. But they’re also all very different in the benefits they provide. Read on to learn more about these types of insurances and how they help you as a homeowner.

Homeowner’s Insurance

What is homeowner’s insurance? 

Just as car insurance covers damages to your vehicle, homeowner’s insurance covers damages to your home. Also, like car insurance, you can opt to pay insurance premiums monthly or annually, depending on your unique situation (this amounts to approximately $1,200 a year, according to a recent study). 

How does it help? 

Although homeowner’s insurance isn’t mandatory, it is highly recommended as it will cover the…

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Edmonton is home to some of the best farmers’ markets around. From fresh produce and tasty treats to handcrafted clothing and accessories, local vendors always have wonderful wares to share. Be sure to check out one of these amazing markets near you.

North Edmonton 

Miller Crossing Farmers’ Market

Royal Canadian Kingsway Legion #175, 14339 50 St.

Hours: Sundays, 11am-3pm, Year-round

Open year-round, the Miller Crossing Farmers’ Market is home to dozens of vendors. Stop by to get your fill of farm fresh honey, take a class or check out the local entertainment.

Beverly Towne Farmers’ Market

118th Ave and 40 St.

Hours: Tuesdays, 4-8pm, May-October

Known as the friendliest farmers’ market in Edmonton, Beverly Towne is…

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With the multitude of household chores you’re already faced with on the daily, we know the last thing you want is to add more items to the list. But, taking on these few extra projects won’t just contribute to your overall health and happiness, they can save you a lot of time, money and stress in the long run!

Take a look at these 7 Dirty Things In Your Home You Should Clean (and Why). You’ll be glad you did! 

1) Your Washer… 

Have you ever left your clothes in the washer too long? That wet, mouldy smell is a result of soap and other laundry product build up. If you want to keep your clothes smelling their best (and extend the life of your washer) it’s important to clean it periodically. See your machine’s cleaning instructions or check out…

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There’s nothing quite like buying your first home. After months (maybe even years) of saving for a down payment, dreaming and searching, you finally have a place to call your very own. But before you rush out in search of paint colours and home décor, we recommend grabbing these first-time homeowner essentials (you’ll be glad you did)!

1) Window Treatments 

Relaxing in your new home may prove difficult if you don’t have any privacy. Be sure to purchase curtains or blinds, keeping in mind which areas of your home see the most sunlight. For example, if you have an eastward facing bedroom, you may want to install heavier drapery to avoid that early morning glare.  

2) New Locks  

It’s common practice for new homeowners to replace the entryway…

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How Do I Know If I’m Ready to Buy My First Home?  

While the “right” time to buy will vary based on your unique circumstances, here are a few signs you might be ready:

  1. Your credit is in good standing (more on that below) 
  2. How have a stable job 
  3. You’re planning on staying put 
  4. You’ve saved a down payment 
  5. You can afford monthly mortgage payments (as well as current debt payments, taxes, bills etc.) 
  6. You can afford maintenance and upkeep 
  7. You’ll still have money left over after you buy

Will My Credit Score Impact My Ability to Buy?  

Your credit score is one of the first things a lender will look at when deciding to qualify you for a mortgage. This is because your credit history is a clear indication as to whether you…

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When Is the Best Time to Sell?  

While the right time to sell will always come down to the time that works best for you, there are a few things you may want to take into consideration. These include the time of year, market conditions and interest rates. To learn more, see the information provided under “Is Now the Right Time to Sell Your Edmonton Home?” on our website.

Can I Buy and Sell at the Same Time? 

We get asked this a lot, but the answer always depends on your unique situation. Interest rates, mortgage flexibility, personal finances and the property you’re looking to purchase all play a role in determining whether you should buy before selling. Fortunately, this is a scenario an experienced REALTOR® will be more than familiar with…

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