Sell your home quickly (and for more money) by avoiding these common, costly mistakes.

1. Doing It On Your Own 

Many home sellers opt to forgo commission costs by attempting to sell their own home. However, For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) transactions often result in homes sitting on the market longer – costing the seller the same amount (if not more), than if they’d chosen to work with a REALTOR® in the first place. 

Other expenses FSBO sellers may not be prepared for, but are otherwise covered by a REALTOR®, are real estate advertising and marketing costs – which are absolutely necessary if you hope to attract qualified buyers to your home.

2. Not Pricing Correctly 

Yet another perk of working with a qualified Edmonton REALTOR® is that many…

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Don’t let buyer’s market conditions deter you from listing your home for a great sale. Instead, take advantage of these top three buyer’s market benefits.

1. You Have a REALTOR® on Your Side 

Home sellers working with a qualified Edmonton REALTOR® will always have the edge they need to succeed in a buyer’s market. Here’s why:

  • Your REALTOR® will help you capitalize and improve upon your home’s value as much as possible prior to listing, allowing you squeeze every dollar from your home sale. 
  • They’ll list your home for a fair yet competitive asking price, putting you in a good position to sell your home fast and for top dollar.
  • They will create a competitive marketing plan that guarantees you’ll be noticed by buyers (this includes an…

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Avoid unwelcome surprises when purchasing your next home by preparing for these additional home buying expenses.

Home Inspection 

While home inspections are optional, any good REALTOR® will encourage you to have one done before putting in an offer. This is an essential step if you hope to avoid costly repairs, maintenance or other home-related issues later on.

Estimated Cost: $200 – $500


In short, adjustments are costs accumulated between your closing day and when you begin making your first payments. These might include interest charges and other prorated costs associated with utilities, fees or property taxes prepaid by the seller.

Estimated Cost: $400 – $700

Property Taxes

First-time buyers, especially, need to…

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Although selling your current home before buying your next one is an ideal scenario for most homeowners, things don’t always go as planned. Maybe you stumbled across your new dream home before you were ready to list your existing one. Or perhaps you’ve accepted a new job position that requires you to pack up and leave in a hurry.

Whatever the case, it IS possible to buy a new home before selling your old one. Here’s how:


Otherwise known as a Home Equity Line of Credit, a HELOC is a revolving line of credit secured against your home. In short, this allows you to put your existing home equity to work as a loan, accompanied by a set interest rate and monthly payments.

While homeowners opt for HELOC loans for a variety of reasons (i.e.…

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Are you thinking about selling your home? We’re talking to you! Find out everything you need to know about home evaluations and how they help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar!

What is a Home Evaluation Anyway? 

Contrary to your home’s assessed value, a home evaluation will give you an idea as to what your home is actually worth based on current market conditions (otherwise known as your home’s market value). Typically conducted by a qualified real estate professional, an evaluation will tell you how much buyers will be willing to pay for your home within a 30-90-day period.

Could My Home Be Worth More Than What I Paid?

Yes! Maybe.

As we mentioned above, your home’s market value depends on current conditions. In a seller’s…

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Gym memberships and language courses aside, here are nine ultra-easy, life-changing New Year’s resolutions ideas you’ll definitely be able to stick to.

1. Follow Your Instincts 

“Trust your gut” is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot – and for good reason. Science has proven that listening to your gut reaction will actually keep you from making mistakes! Get started today with these 9 Ways to Trust Your Gut.

2. Sit Less 

Research shows that those who sit for more than eight hours a day have an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and more. The good news is that 60 to 75 mins of standing/ physical activity a day can counteract sitting effects – all you need to do is make a few changes such as:

  • Stand for 10…

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