As a home buyer, you’ll inevitably have to decide between committing to a fixed rate or variable mortgage loan. While both have their benefits as well as their drawbacks, one will likely be better than the other depending on your unique situation (i.e. lifestyle, finances, risk and reward tolerance etc.). Here’s what you need to know:

Variable Rate Mortgages 

A variable interest mortgage (sometimes referred to as an adjustable-rate mortgage) is a form of home loan in which the interest rate “varies” according to current market conditions. In this situation, the lender will offer you a loan at Prime rate (the interest rate set forth by the Bank of Canada) plus or minus a certain percentage.

For instance, if Prime is 3.00% and you opt for a…

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It’s that time again! As parents ourselves, we know how stressful starting a new school year can be – for both you and the kids. For this reason, we’ve scoured the internet for the best ideas and advice on how to make getting ready for the upcoming year as easy as possible.

Here are our top tips for reducing back-to-school stress:

1. Get Back Into a Routine

Getting back into a routine before school starts is a great way to reduce stress and ensure a smooth start to the year. This might include reigning in bedtimes and wake up times, eating regular meals and limiting phone, TV and computer access. 

2. Set-Up (or revamp) Your Family Command Centre

From daily schedules and activities to upcoming appointments and chore charts, command…

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Are you thinking about buying your first home? Here are 8 common first-time buyer mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not Getting Pre-Qualified

Pre-qualifications are important because they give you an idea as to how much home you can afford. During this process, a lender will examine your income, debt, credit and assets and give you a rough estimate as to how much they’d be willing to lend you. From here, you’ll know what you need for a down payment and what you can expect to pay for a monthly mortgage loan.

Mistake #2: Not Checking Into First-Time Buyer Programs

The Government of Canada offers several incentives for first-time homebuyers in the form of down payment help, tax credits and more. These include: 

·        First-Time Home Buyer…

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When it comes to renovations or upgrades, bigger isn’t always better – especially if you’re thinking about selling. Not only are major changes expensive, but they can also turn buyers off. Instead, we recommend concentrating only on areas that will deliver the biggest bang for your buck (and won’t cost an arm and a leg). Here are our top suggestions:

1. Apply New Paint

A fresh coat of paint is the single most (affordable) renovation you can make to attract buyers. Not only will it help your home look fresher and brighter, it’s also a great way to mask imperfections. Keep it neutral, though. Whites, beiges and light greys will be much more effective than dark or bold colours.

2. Improve Energy Efficiency

When buyers hear “energy efficient”…

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