Maple Ridge is an established, family-friendly neighbourhood located in scenic Southeast Edmonton. Consisting entirely of manufactured homes, this all-in-one community makes an excellent choice for growing families, first-time buyers, downsizers and/or anyone looking for an affordable detached home and fantastic on and offsite amenities. 

Did you know? The name “Maple Ridge” gives the nod to the many species of maple trees located in and around the capital region.


Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Maple Ridge 

Approximately three-quarters of Maple Ridge’s manufactured homes were built during the 1970s. Many new residences have been built in the neighbourhood over the years, including models developed during the 1980s, 1990s, and early…

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Fulton Place is a mature community located in Southeast Edmonton’s Greater Hardisty district. The area’s beginnings date back to the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) and the arrival of early pioneers such as Richard Charles Hardisty. Hardisty, who established himself in the area in 1872, served as Chief Factor of Fort Edmonton and established several HBC cattle ranches to provide farming and ranching opportunities for newcomers. He also served as the first senator for the District of Alberta in 1888. (Source: Edmonton Journal)

Fulton Place was eventually annexed by the City of Edmonton in 1954, officially becoming a subdivision in 1956.

Did you know? Greater Hardisty consists of three established communities: Fulton Place, Capilano, Forest…

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Larkspur is a newer neighbourhood located in Southeast Edmonton. Part of the greater Meadows district, Larkspur is an amenity-friendly community known for its broad array of modern home styles – including roomy single-family homes and duplexes, contemporary townhomes and apartment-style condos. In addition, Larkspur’s proximity to Whitemud Drive makes the community extremely accessible, providing a convenient commute to popular South Edmonton amenities and the greater capital region.

Did you know? Like all neighbourhoods comprising the Meadows, Larkspur takes its name from a plant/flower. In this case, an old-fashioned annual flower known for its many colours. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Larkspur

Though development in Larkspur began in…

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Kenilworth is an established community located in central Southeast Edmonton. One of several mature neighbourhoods comprising the greater Bonnie Doon district, Kenilworth’s roots can be traced back to the early 1900s, where it appears on some of the earliest maps of Edmonton. Despite the area’s longstanding history, most residential development did not occur until the 1960s, when the City of Edmonton annexed the land. Today, Kenilworth is a quiet, family-friendly community known for its affordable single-family homes and proximity to popular Southeast Edmonton amenities.

Did you know? Kenilworth takes its name after the town and 12th-century castle of Kenilworth, located in Warwickshire, England.  

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Kenilworth

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The Orchards at Ellerslie is a blossoming new Southeast Edmonton community characterized by expansive open green spaces, fragrant fruit trees and panoramic views. Though still under development, this nature-friendly neighbourhood has gained notoriety thanks to its competitively priced modern homes, landscaped urban spaces and proximity to popular amenities. If you’re looking to put down roots in one of Edmonton’s most unique master-planned communities, The Orchards at Ellerslie may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Did you know? Aptly named, The Orchards at Ellerslie takes its name from the many fruit trees that define the area. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in The Orchards at Ellerslie 

Formerly agricultural land, the Orchards at…

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Ellerslie is a developing neighbourhood situated in scenic Southeast Edmonton. Though the community was officially established in the early 2000s, Ellerslie’s roots are thought to date back to the late 1800s with the arrival of several Scottish settlers. Ellerslie, along with the rural county of Wernerville, were annexed by the Town of Edmonton in 1892, where it remained rural farmland for the next 100 years.  Today, Ellerslie is a thriving new community characterized by large amounts of open green space, close proximity to popular amenities and a diverse array of new home styles.

Did you know? Though Ellerslie has been used to designate the area since the 19th century, its origins remain unclear. Some sources claim early settlers John and Hamed…

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Capilano is a mature community nestled in the heart of Southeast Central Edmonton. A scenic neighbourhood characterized by mature trees, quiet streets and river valley views, Capilano is celebrated for its natural beauty and peaceful, slow-paced atmosphere. This outdoor-friendly area is also ideal for growing families thanks to its abundance of landscaped, single-family homes and proximity to popular Southeast and Central Edmonton amenities.

Did you know? Capilano takes its name from the Capilano River, Capilano River Canyon and Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, B.C. A variation of the Salish term for “people of the Hiap,” Capilano was the hereditary name for the chief of the Salish peoples who once inhabited the area. 


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Located side by side in established Southeast Edmonton, Hazeldean, Argyll, and Avonmore encompass all real estate east of 99th Street, south of 76th Ave, west of 75th Street and north of 63rd Ave/ Argyll Road. Characterized by mature trees, vast open green spaces, and proximity to popular amenities, these three notable neighbourhoods make the ideal setting for growing families in search of the perfect all-in-one community.

Did you know? Though all mature in status, Hazeldean is the oldest of the three neighbourhoods, with roots dating back to early 1907, when the area was first annexed by the former City of Strathcona (only to join Edmonton in 1912). 

Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Hazeldean, Argyll and Avonmore

Real estate…

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Manufactured homes are rapidly becoming the go-to choice among Edmonton home buyers, and not just because they represent some of the most affordable homes for sale on the Edmonton market. Following their ultra-low-price tag, these models are highly sought after due to the unique community atmosphere they provide – an atmosphere you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Located in nearly every quadrant of the city, these one-of-a-kind neighbourhoods can be found throughout the capital region, each celebrated for its accessible location, distinct community features, and budget-friendly homes.

Maple Oak Ridge in Southeast Edmonton 

Maple Oak Ridge is a thriving manufactured home community situated in Southeast Edmonton. First established…

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Located in Southeast Edmonton, Gold Bar is nothing short of an outdoor lover’s delight. An established neighbourhood characterized by quiet streets, mature trees, and open green spaces, this one-of-a-kind community sits within easy walking distance of Southeast Edmonton’s most beautiful outdoor amenities, such as the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Gold Bar Ravine.

In addition to picturesque ravine views and endless amounts of forested green space, the community is also highly celebrated for its family-friendly homes and proximity to amenities – including those of downtown Edmonton.

Did you know? Gold Bar was initially referred to as “Gold Bar Farm,” in reference to a large farm that once occupied the area in 1913. The name may also, in…

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