Edmonton Community Spotlight: Laurel in Southeast Edmonton Featured Image

Laurel is a Southeast Edmonton community located in the greater Meadows district. Since construction of this popular neighbourhood began in the late 2000s, it has rapidly become a desirable location for both new and move-up families. This is primarily due to the area’s broad selection of single-family homes, proximity to fantastic amenities and ultra-accessible location. Before its development, the land comprising modern-day Laurel was used for mostly agricultural purposes. To this day, the community retains a significant amount of lush green space.

Did you know? The Meadows area consists of seven distinctive communities, each named after a tree or shrub. The Laurel Willow is a tree that typically starts as a shrub. The Laurel’s dark green leaves…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Terrace Heights in Southeast Edmonton Featured Image 

Terrace Heights is a mature community located in Southeast Edmonton. Like other established neighbourhoods in the city, Terrace Heights boasts enviable features such as its convenient proximity to Whyte Ave and the North Saskatchewan River Valley. With easy accessibility and a wide range of affordable, upgraded homes, residents of Terrace Heights enjoy a variety of lifestyle options.

Did you know? Terrace Heights was named after a small subdivision formerly located north of the area. When the City of Edmonton redeveloped and expanded in the 1960s, the community grew larger and the name was formalized.

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Terrace Heights

Terrace Heights offers a healthy mix of both low and high-density home styles,…

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Community Spotlight: Silver Berry in Southeast Edmonton Featured Image

Silver Berry is one of several neighbourhoods comprising Southeast Edmonton’s Meadows area. Established in the early 2000s, Silver Berry is the ultimate family-friendly community, known for its scenic ravine-side location, roomy detached homes and proximity to great amenities. Before its development, Silver Berry was used for agricultural development, with ample green space remaining to this day. 

Did you know? Each of the seven communities in the Meadows is named after a tree or shrub. In this case, the Silver Berry shrub known for its white/grey berries. Other neighbourhoods include Aster, Larkspur, Laurel, Maple, Tamarack and Wild Rose. (Source: City of Edmonton) 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Silver Berry

Single-family homes…

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Southeast Edmonton is defined by an array of family-friendly communities, including contemporary new residential areas still undergoing development and character neighbourhoods ripe with mature trees and historic charm.

One such neighbourhood includes Forest Heights – a wonderfully established community defined by river valley views, vast open green spaces and a diverse array of affordable homes suitable for every lifestyle, taste and budget.

Did you know? Forest Heights also borders Edmonton’s famous Riverside Golf Course. Suitable for golfers of all skill levels, this 18-hole course is highlighted by some of the city’s most beautiful scenery. 

Forest Heights Homes For Sale 

As mentioned above, Forest Heights houses a broad range…

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Maple Ridge is an established, family-friendly neighbourhood located in scenic Southeast Edmonton. Consisting entirely of manufactured homes, this all-in-one community makes an excellent choice for growing families, first-time buyers, downsizers and/or anyone looking for an affordable detached home and fantastic on and offsite amenities. 

Did you know? The name “Maple Ridge” gives the nod to the many species of maple trees located in and around the capital region.


Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Maple Ridge 

Approximately three-quarters of Maple Ridge’s manufactured homes were built during the 1970s. Many new residences have been built in the neighbourhood over the years, including models developed during the 1980s, 1990s, and early…

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Fulton Place is a mature community located in Southeast Edmonton’s Greater Hardisty district. The area’s beginnings date back to the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) and the arrival of early pioneers such as Richard Charles Hardisty. Hardisty, who established himself in the area in 1872, served as Chief Factor of Fort Edmonton and established several HBC cattle ranches to provide farming and ranching opportunities for newcomers. He also served as the first senator for the District of Alberta in 1888. (Source: Edmonton Journal)

Fulton Place was eventually annexed by the City of Edmonton in 1954, officially becoming a subdivision in 1956.

Did you know? Greater Hardisty consists of three established communities: Fulton Place, Capilano, Forest…

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Larkspur is a newer neighbourhood located in Southeast Edmonton. Part of the greater Meadows district, Larkspur is an amenity-friendly community known for its broad array of modern home styles – including roomy single-family homes and duplexes, contemporary townhomes and apartment-style condos. In addition, Larkspur’s proximity to Whitemud Drive makes the community extremely accessible, providing a convenient commute to popular South Edmonton amenities and the greater capital region.

Did you know? Like all neighbourhoods comprising the Meadows, Larkspur takes its name from a plant/flower. In this case, an old-fashioned annual flower known for its many colours. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Larkspur

Though development in Larkspur began in…

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Kenilworth is an established community located in central Southeast Edmonton. One of several mature neighbourhoods comprising the greater Bonnie Doon district, Kenilworth’s roots can be traced back to the early 1900s, where it appears on some of the earliest maps of Edmonton. Despite the area’s longstanding history, most residential development did not occur until the 1960s, when the City of Edmonton annexed the land. Today, Kenilworth is a quiet, family-friendly community known for its affordable single-family homes and proximity to popular Southeast Edmonton amenities.

Did you know? Kenilworth takes its name after the town and 12th-century castle of Kenilworth, located in Warwickshire, England.  

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Kenilworth

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The Orchards at Ellerslie is a blossoming new Southeast Edmonton community characterized by expansive open green spaces, fragrant fruit trees and panoramic views. Though still under development, this nature-friendly neighbourhood has gained notoriety thanks to its competitively priced modern homes, landscaped urban spaces and proximity to popular amenities. If you’re looking to put down roots in one of Edmonton’s most unique master-planned communities, The Orchards at Ellerslie may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Did you know? Aptly named, The Orchards at Ellerslie takes its name from the many fruit trees that define the area. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in The Orchards at Ellerslie 

Formerly agricultural land, the Orchards at…

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Ellerslie is a developing neighbourhood situated in scenic Southeast Edmonton. Though the community was officially established in the early 2000s, Ellerslie’s roots are thought to date back to the late 1800s with the arrival of several Scottish settlers. Ellerslie, along with the rural county of Wernerville, were annexed by the Town of Edmonton in 1892, where it remained rural farmland for the next 100 years.  Today, Ellerslie is a thriving new community characterized by large amounts of open green space, close proximity to popular amenities and a diverse array of new home styles.

Did you know? Though Ellerslie has been used to designate the area since the 19th century, its origins remain unclear. Some sources claim early settlers John and Hamed…

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