It’s no secret that as we get older, our needs change. The large home you needed in your 30’s and 40’s may no longer suit your current lifestyle. As a result, you may find yourself seeking a property in which its’ size and features will better cater to your needs now and in the future.

If you’ve been thinking of downsizing to a smaller home that will allow you to age comfortably in place, here are a few features to look for:

1. Main Floor Living

Tackling several flights of stairs on the daily may be manageable now, but what about the future? One of the first (and best) perks of downsizing is the opportunity to purchase a property that provides single-level living. Having your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, and entertainment space…

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Hiring the right contractor is the essential first step to any home renovation project – especially if you hope to save time, money and avoid stressful reno-related problems. Below are our top five must-know tips for choosing the right professional for your next project.

Tip 1= Ask For Recommendations and Referrals 

Of course, you’ll want to hit the web to explore potential contractors, but it is also highly recommended you ask for recommendations or referrals from:

  • The RenoMark program (through the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, or CHBA)
  • Local building supply chains (i.e. Home Depot or Lowe’s)
  • Edmonton’s Better Business Bureau
  • Friends or family who have committed to similar projects

From here, you can make a list of…

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One of Edmonton’s oldest communities, Highlands was first established in 1912 and has been previously ranked as one of the Best Old House Neighbourhoods in Canada. Highlands has also been recognized as a popular Edmonton infill community, featuring picturesque river valley views, tree-lined streets, beautiful homes and no end of things to see and do.

Did you know? Highlands was named in a contest that awarded the winner a $50 prize.

One-of-a-Kind Home Styles

Highlands is a low-density neighbourhood known for its diverse single-family home styles. According to statistics, nearly half of all properties were built before 1960, with another 40% having been built between 1961 and 2000. As a result, buyers seeking an updated, older character home…

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From modern features and finishes to contemporary floor plans and flourishing neighbourhoods, there are plenty of perks that come with purchasing a newer home – including new home warranty. As of 2014, all new homes in Alberta became subject to mandatory coverage for up to ten years!

If you’re thinking of buying a new(er) home here in Edmonton (or anywhere else in the province, for that matter), here’s what you need to know about new home warranty in Alberta.

What is New Home Warranty? 

As we mentioned above, all homes built after February 1st, 2014, require new home warranty coverage under the province’s New Home Buyer Protection Act. This means all builders must provide coverage on all new construction properties (including condos and…

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A simple, seven-step guide to the mortgage loan process.

Step 1= Save Your Down Payment

Your down payment plays a major role in determining how much home you can afford and what type of mortgage you’ll qualify for. For this reason, saving your down payment is the essential first step to securing a great mortgage loan. Keep in mind, Canada’s mortgage rules require a minimum of 5% down and anything under 20% will be subject to mortgage loan insurance. 

Step 2= Get Pre-Qualified

After saving your down payment, the next step is to seek a mortgage pre-qualification. During this process, a lender will take a high-level view of your current financial situation (including your income, debt(s) and down payment) and give you a ballpark number as to…

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With cooler temperatures setting in, now is the time to start readying your home for when the snow flies. Prevent any unwelcome surprises this winter and upcoming spring with the help of these essential fall maintenance tips:

1. Store Outdoor Items 

Start by giving your outdoor furniture and tools a quick clean before putting them away in storage (or under a weatherproof cover). Ready motorized outdoor equipment such as your weed trimmer or lawnmower by either removing any remaining gas or adding a stabilizer to what’s left in the tank.

2. Fertilize Your Lawn 

Set your lawn up for success next spring by giving it a final weed and feed now. Be sure to mulch or rake up any leaves, so the fertilizer really has a chance to take root (you may…

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How long does it take to buy a home? Well, it depends. Research has shown, it takes an average of 4 ½ months to find a new home and an additional 30-45 days to close the deal. But with so many steps involved, the entire process could take much longer if you’re not prepared.

Here’s what you need to know:

Doing Your Research: 1-14 Days 

Shorten your home buying timeline by getting an idea of what you’re looking for ahead of time. See what’s currently available on the market and compare it to what you can afford. From here, you can draft a realistic list of wants vs. needs with which your REALTOR® can use to find your dream home.

Partnering With a REALTOR®: 1-7 Days 

Now that you’ve done your research, its time to team up with a…

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Even the most seasoned home buyer can find themselves overwhelmed by the home buying process – especially without the right representation in their corner. That’s why we recommend all first-time home buyers consider teaming up with an Edmonton REALTOR®. Not only will they help you find a home you love at a price you can afford, but they’ll also be there to help you every step of the way.

As a first-time buyer, here are five great reasons to work with a REALTOR®:

1. Endless Support, Advice and Guidance 

You’ve scrimped, saved, and now you’re ready to buy your first home. Now what? With so many properties available on the Edmonton real estate market, how do you know which home is right for you? Or neighbourhood? Are there extra expenses you…

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