Edmonton Community Spotlight: Steinhauer in Southwest Edmonton Featured Image

Welcome to Steinhauer, a charming and well-established neighbourhood located in Southwest Edmonton. Known for its peaceful atmosphere, mature trees, and convenient amenities, Steinhauer offers a blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility. This community has been a beloved part of Edmonton since its development in the 1970s and continues to attract families, young professionals, and retirees who appreciate its unique appeal.

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Steinhauer

Steinhauer features a variety of housing options, from spacious single-family homes to affordable townhouses and condos. The neighbourhood’s homes are characterized by their classic architectural styles, large lots, and beautifully landscaped yards.

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Chapelle in Southwest Edmonton Featured Image

Welcome to Chapelle, one of Edmonton's most vibrant and welcoming neighbourhoods located in the southwest part of the city. This community, also known as Creekwood Chapelle and Chapelle Gardens, is a treasure trove of amenities, beautiful homes, and fantastic recreational options. Development in the area began in 2012, and it's situated near Whitemud Creek, allowing residents to enjoy lush wetlands, large green spaces, and extensive walkways throughout the community. Whether you're considering moving to Chapelle or just curious about what it has to offer, you're in for a treat.

Did you know? Chapelle was named after Reverend Francis Xavier de Chapelle, an influential figure in the early days of Edmonton's history. His contributions to the community…

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