Edmonton Community Spotlight: Jamieson Place in West Edmonton Featured Image

Jamieson Place is an established community located in mature West Edmonton. An all-in-one neighbourhood ideal for growing families, Jamieson Place is celebrated for its affordable single-family homes, laid-back atmosphere and ultra-convenient location. The area also boasts proximity to some of West Edmonton’s best amenities, including West Edmonton Mall, Callingwood Park and the Edmonton Country Club. 

Did you know? Jamieson Place was named after Frederick Charles Jamieson. Jamieson arrived in Edmonton in the late 1800s and served as a member of the Alberta Legislature. He was also a prominent lawyer and politician who practiced law with Alberta’s first premier, A.C. Rutherford. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Jamieson Place

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Luxury Living in Edmonton: Cameron Heights Featured Image

Cameron Heights is a scenic west-end community bordering Edmonton’s beautiful North Saskatchewan River Valley. As one of the most desirable areas in the city, Cameron Heights boasts excellent natural and commercial amenities and a broad selection of luxury home styles – including spacious single-family homes, roomy duplexes and trendy townhomes. So if you’re searching for a high-end home in a prestigious, nature-friendly neighbourhood, Cameron Heights may be the right choice for you. 

Community Profile 

Cameron Heights is a uniquely shaped neighbourhood, defined by the Anthony Henday to the west and south, the Wedgewood Ravine to the north and the North Saskatchewan River Valley to the east. A newer addition to West Edmonton, development…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Glastonbury in West Edmonton Featured Image

Glastonbury is a newer West Edmonton neighbourhood, first established in the early 2000s. Perfect for families, the area consists mainly of single-family homes, highlighted by parks, accessible amenities and convenient commuter roads. Located in Edmonton’s greater Grange district, Glastonbury is also known for its laid-back atmosphere, perfect for Edmonton buyers in search of a quiet yet accessible community to call home. 

Did you know? All communities within the Grange refer to English estates formerly known as “granges.” Glastonbury, in particular, takes its name from an English monastery. Glastonbury, England, is also thought to be tied to the legend of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Glastonbury

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Donsdale in West Edmonton Featured Image

Donsdale is an affluent neighbourhood located in scenic West Edmonton. Nestled alongside the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Donsdale boasts fantastic views, close proximity to amenities and beautiful single-family homes. Luxury properties complete with large lots and lavish finishes account for all real estate opportunities in the area, making it ideal for buyers in search of a high-end home in a picture-perfect neighbourhood.

Did you know? Donsdale was named after Frank Doncaster, a landowner in the area during the 1940s.

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Donsdale

Perfect for growing families, most detached luxury homes in Donsdale feature an average of four bedrooms, four bathrooms and 2,500+ square feet of living space. Though the…

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Glenora Edmonton

One of Edmonton’s most historic neighbourhoods, Glenora is distinguished by its mature elm trees, historic homes and proximity to MacKinnon Ravine and the North Saskatchewan River Valley. While many homes in the area are updated character homes, there are plenty of new infill options to choose from, including contemporary low-rise apartments. Notable local and nearby amenities include several schools, Government House Park, the Royal Mayfair Golf Club and a wealth of shops, services and restaurants – all just moments away in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Community Profile 

Glenora’s roots date back to 1869 when Malcolm Groat (Groat Road) staked out the area as part of a 900-acre claim. The land was then sold to real estate agent James…

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Dechene Edmonton

Dechene is a smaller community located in Lessard. First established in the 1980s, the neighbourhood boasts a quiet, family-friendly atmosphere and sits within proximity of popular West Edmonton amenities including West Edmonton Mall and the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Buyers are also attracted to Dechene due to the area’s affordable single-family homes, which are known for their exceptional value. 

Did you know? The community was named after Joseph Miville Dechene. Originally from Quebec, Dechene was among the first to homestead in Morinville (1892). Dechene moved to Edmonton a few years later to establish a news and tobacco store and served as member of the Alberta Legislature (1921 – 1940).  

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Dechene

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Callingwood North and Callingwood South are side-by-side neighbourhoods located in amenity-friendly West Edmonton. Situated directly south of West Edmonton Mall and Whitemud Drive, the land comprising these communities was annexed by the City of Edmonton in 1969. Most development occurred during the 1970s, with an emphasis on multi-family homes. Known for their recreational amenities, budget-friendly homes and proximity to schools, shops and services, Callingwood North and South are ideal for those searching for an affordable home near it all.

Did you know? Callingwood South was previously referred to as Callingwood Town Centre. Callingwood North was known as Callingwood Campus. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Callingwood North and…

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Cameron Heights is a newer community in West Edmonton’s greater West Jasper Place district. Known for its exceptional location, this nature-friendly neighbourhood boasts ravine and river valley views, parks, plenty of open green space and tree-lined walking trails. Established in the early 2000s, Cameron Heights offers buyers a broad selection of modern single-family and new construction home opportunities, combined with proximity to desirable amenities.

Did you know? Cameron Heights takes its name from local pioneer and businessman John Cameron. Arriving in Edmonton in 1881, Cameron served on Town Council and was Chairman of the Edmonton School Board. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Cameron Heights

Real estate opportunities in Cameron…

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Gariepy is an established neighbourhood located in the heart of West Edmonton. Boasting quiet, tree-lined streets, serene river valley views and proximity to fantastic amenities, Gariepy is a popular choice for families looking for a community near it all. In addition, home styles in the area are extremely diverse and well suited to buyers of all tastes, lifestyles and budgets. Gariepy is often referred to as “Lessard”, especially in the neighbourhood’s west end, where it borders Lessard Road, NW.

Did you know? Gariepy was named after Edmonton Town councillor, politician and local pioneer merchant Joseph Hormisdas Gariepy.

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Gariepy

Development in Gariepy began in the 1970s, continuing into the early…

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Wedgewood Heights is an affluent community located in popular West Edmonton. Nestled alongside the scenic North Saskatchewan River, this established neighbourhood is characterized by vast open green spaces, breathtaking ravine views and meticulously maintained single-family homes.

Community Profile 

A mature neighbourhood, Wedgewood Heights was first established in the 1960s. Demand for high-end single-family homes in the area continued until sometime during the 1970s when building slowed significantly. By the 1980s, however, Wedgewood Heights saw renewed interest with construction resuming throughout the area, which was largely complete by the 1990s. As a result of the community’s on-again off-again development, Wedgewood Heights offers a…

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