Canon Ridge is a nature-friendly neighbourhood located in Clareview and nestled along Northeast Edmonton’s River Valley. With Hermitage Park defining the community’s entire east end, Canon Ridge residents enjoy having countless walking paths, parks, green spaces and outdoor recreational facilities at their disposal. But that’s not all. The area also boasts a broad array of affordable home styles (including everything from low-maintenance apartments to roomy single-family homes) as well as proximity to popular Northeast Edmonton shops and services. 

Overall, Canon Ridge is a diverse and amenity-friendly neighbourhood suited to Edmonton home buyers of every lifestyle and budget. 

Did you know? Canon Ridge was named after Canon William Newton, an…

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 Edmonton Community Spotlight: Brintnell in Northeast Edmonton Featured Image

Brintnell is a newer Northeast Edmonton neighbourhood located in the greater Pilot Sound district. Though community plans were approved in the early 1980s, development in Brintnell did not begin until the early 2000s. Today, Brintnell is a thriving, family-friendly community known for its quiet atmosphere, walkability, and spacious single-family homes. Thanks to the community’s great location, Brintnell residents also enjoy convenient access to popular amenities, including schools, shops, services and much more.

Did you know? Commemorating Edmonton’s aviation history, the Pilot Sound district comprises five neighbourhoods named after a famous Canadian pilot. These include Brintnell, Matt Berry, Cy Becker, McConachie and Hollick-Kenyon.

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Bergman is one of three modern-day communities that comprised the former Town of Beverly. Along with Beacon Heights and Beverly Heights, Bergman’s roots date back to the town’s former coal mining industry, established in the early 1900s. Though the last mine was closed in the 1950s, Beverly continued to grow as a residential suburb until 1961, when the town (pop. 9,000) amalgamated with the greater City of Edmonton.

Did you know? Bergman was named after Gustave C. Bergman, the first mayor of the Town of Beverly. The town itself took its name from the Town of Beverly in Yorkshire, England. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Bergman

Single-family homes account for nearly 80% of all real estate choices in Bergman. Four-bedroom, two-bathroom…

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Beacon Heights is an established community located in Northeast Edmonton. One of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, Beacon Heights was established in 1910, when it was a part of the Town of Beverly. By 1961, when the town’s population had reached 9,000 people, Beverly amalgamated with the greater City of Edmonton. The northern portion of the former town encompasses the neighbourhoods of Bergman and Beacon Heights, while Beverly Heights makes up the southern portion.

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Did you know? The Town of Beverly Heights takes its name from the Town of Beverly in Yorkshire, England. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Beacon Heights

Single-family homes account for over 80% of…

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The Northeast Edmonton community of Belvedere encompasses all real estate located east of 66th Street, south of 137th Ave and west of the LRT corridor. A mature neighbourhood, Belvedere was formerly a part of the Village of North Edmonton, annexed by the greater City of Edmonton in 1910. Despite the community’s long history, most residential construction did not occur until the 1950s, emphasizing single-family homes. Over the last few decades, development in and around the area has resulted in a tight-knit and family-friendly neighbourhood, celebrated for its array of affordable home styles and proximity to amenities.

Did you know? The Village of North Edmonton was also referred to as “Packingtown,” due to the number of meatpacking plants in the…

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The Northeast Edmonton community of Belmont encompasses all real estate located east of 40th Street, south of 137th Ave, west of Victoria Trail and north of the Kennedale Ravine. A mature neighbourhood, Belmont’s roots date back to the late 1800s when many new settlers arrived in the area. Despite being annexed by the City of Edmonton in 1961, Belmont went largely undeveloped until the 1970s, when the Clareview Outline Plan was approved. From here, the community expanded quickly and was largely complete by the decade’s end.

Did you know? Belmont takes its name from the terms “belle” and “mont” – French for “beautiful mountain.”

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Belmont

Belmont offers Edmonton home buyers a broad mix of home styles,…

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Looking for an affordable, amenity-friendly neighbourhood in the heart of Northeast Edmonton? Look no further than vibrant Kildare. A mature community situated in Northeast Edmonton’s Londonderry district, Kildare boasts a unique blend of versatile home styles and desirable commercial amenities (including popular Londonderry Mall). Overall, Kildare’s laid-back atmosphere, paired with its unbeatable location, make it the perfect place to call home for buyers of all budgets and lifestyles.

Did you know? All neighbourhoods within the Londonderry district take their name from Irish towns and counties. Located in eastern Ireland, “Kildare” is the anglicized name for Cill-dara, Gaelic for “church of the oak.”

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Bannerman is an established neighbourhood located along the eastern fringes of Northeast Edmonton. Like many other communities situated in this end of the city, Bannerman was annexed by greater Edmonton in the early 1960s, with development occurring approximately ten years later. In addition to diverse and affordable home styles, part of Bannerman’s appeal lies within its close proximity to shops, services and popular Hermitage Park. A great neighbourhood for outdoor lovers and active families, Hermitage Park allows residents to enjoy an endless array of recreational amenities within a beautiful river valley setting.

Did you know? Bannerman takes its name from Mr. H. Bannerman, who settled in the neighbouring community of Belmont in the late 1800s.…

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Abbottsfield is an established community situated in mature Northeast Edmonton. With roots dating back to 1882, the neighbourhood was located directly east of the Town of Beverly, housing one of the town’s coal mines until operations eventually closed in the mid-1900s. Abbottsfield remained a rural area until it, along with Beverly, amalgamated with the greater City of Edmonton in 1961.

Today, this charming neighbourhood is known for its mature trees, affordable homes and close proximity to amenities, including the picturesque North Saskatchewan River Valley.

Did you know? E.F. Carey once owned the land now known as the community of Abbottsfield. One of Edmonton’s most prominent citizens in the 19th century, Carey was co-founder of the Norris…

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Tucked away along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Beverly Heights is an established Northeast Edmonton neighbourhood whose history dates back to the late 1800s. Formerly a standalone town known for its lucrative coal mining operations, Beverly didn’t amalgamate with the greater City of Edmonton until the early 1960s. To this day, this mature community maintains a quiet and independent vibe reminiscent of its small-town roots. Quaint, outdoor-friendly, and brimming with convenient amenities, Beverly Heights is a popular choice among first-time buyers, growing families, and anyone searching for an affordable single-family home.

Did you know? First established as a village (prior to becoming a town in 1914), the Village of Beverly…

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