Edmonton Community Spotlight: Cumberland in Northwest Edmonton Featured Image

Cumberland is an amenity-friendly neighbourhood located in Northwest Edmonton’s greater Palisades district. From schools and services to big-box retailers, restaurants and recreation venues, Cumberland residents enjoy having everything they need within arms’ reach (and then some). A broad selection of detached homes also makes Cumberland ideal for families in search of the perfect all-in-one community.

Did you know? All Palisades land once belonged to the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). As a result, all neighbourhoods in the area take their name from the company’s many fur-trading posts and forts. In this case, the Cumberland House was the HBC’s first inland trading post.

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Though Cumberland was…

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Carlisle in Northwest Edmonton Featured Image

The established neighbourhood of Carlisle is located in Northwest Edmonton’s popular Castle Downs district. The community encompasses all real estate located east of Baranow, south of 145th Ave, west of Castle Downs Road and north of 137th Ave. A mature community, development in Carlisle began in the 1970s with an emphasis on single-family homes. With construction continuing over the next two decades, Carlisle has become a diverse, amenity-rich neighbourhood known for its mixed, affordable home styles and family-friendly atmosphere.

Did you know? Like all Castle Downs neighbourhoods, Carlisle takes its name from a famous castle. In this case, an English castle located along the English/Scottish border. The castle was built in 1093 by King William…

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Canossa in Northwest Edmonton

Canossa is a newer neighbourhood located in far Northwest Edmonton. First established in the early 2000s, it is one of several communities making up the larger Castle Downs district. Characterized by quiet cul-de-sacs, open green spaces, spacious single-family homes and proximity to amenities, Canossa is a popular choice among families looking for a great place to grow.

Did you know? Like all communities in Castledowns, Canossa takes its name from a famous European castle. In this case, Canossa Castle (est, 940 AD.), near Bologna in Northern Italy. 

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Canossa

Single-family homes are the most common home style in Canossa, accounting for over 80% of all real estate opportunities. Two-storey homes with double…

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Canora is an established community located in mature Northwest Edmonton. It is also one of several neighbourhoods that were once a part of the Town of Jasper Place, which amalgamated with the City of Edmonton in 1962. Though residential construction began as far back as the 1930s, development continued well into the 1980s – with many of the area’s older single-family homes being replaced with multi-family residences. Overall, Canora offers Edmonton buyers a diverse array of affordable home styles and proximity to the city’s best amenities, including the North Saskatchewan River Valley and West Edmonton Mall.

Did you know? The neighbourhood was dubbed “Canora” in 1948 as a result of a contest to name a local elementary school. The winner of the…

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Not only does Northwest Edmonton offer some of the city’s most highly sought-after neighbourhoods, but it is also known for its reasonably-priced real estate. If you’re looking for an affordable home in this popular area of the city, here are ten Northwest Edmonton communities to consider.


  • Average Listing Price: $198,000
  • Minimum Listing Price: $119,000
  • Maximum Listing Price: $330,000

Baranow is a Northwest Edmonton residential neighbourhood bounded by 127th Street to the west, 153rd Ave to the north, the community of Caernarvon to the east and 137th Ave to the south. First established in the late 1940s, development in Baranow occurred in two phases – the first between the end of WWII and 1960 and the second during the…

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Calder is a residential neighbourhood located in Northwest Edmonton. A mature community defined by tree-lined streets and established amenities, Calder’s roots date back to 1910 and the arrival of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. At that time, Calder (or the Village of West Edmonton) was settled as a small railroad colony before it was annexed by the greater City of Edmonton in 1917. Today, Calder offers Edmonton home buyers a broad range of affordable home styles, catering to every taste, lifestyle, and budget.

Did you know? Calder was named after real estate developer Hugh Calder. Calder was the proprietor of the Calder Land Company and served as an alderman on Edmonton City Council between 1912 and 1916. 

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Britannia Youngstown is an older neighbourhood located in mature Northwest Edmonton. With roots dating back to the early 1900s, the community was formerly a part of the Town of Jasper Place. At that time, Britannia and Youngstown were two separate subdivisions; Britannia was established sometime around 1912 and Youngstown many years later during the 1950s (along with Westlawn Memorial Park Cemetery). Britannia Youngstown and the rest of the Town of Jasper Place amalgamated with the City of Edmonton in 1964.

Did you know? Britannia Youngstown is one of 13 communities that once comprised the Town of Jasper Place. Today, this collection of neighbourhoods is part of Edmonton’s greater Jasper Place district. 

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Rapperswill is a new Northwest Edmonton community well regarded for its beautiful modern homes and family-friendly setting. Characterized by stormwater lakes, walking paths, vast open green spaces, and close proximity to shops and services, this highly desirable neighbourhood strikes a perfect balance between a quiet rural atmosphere and modern amenities.

Did you know? Although Rapperswill is the neighbourhood’s official name as per the City of Edmonton, a local developer dubbed the area “Newcastle,” a name which has since increased in popularity. As such, the community goes by either title, depending on who you ask.  

Rapperswill Real Estate and Homes For Sale 

First established in 2010, development in Rapperswill is still ongoing. Real…

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The Northwest Edmonton community of Athlone encompasses all real estate located east of St. Albert Trail, south of 132nd Ave, west of 127th Street and north of 127th Ave. An established neighbourhood, Athlone’s roots date back to 1913, when the land was first annexed by the City of Edmonton. Despite Athlone’s mature status, residential development did not begin until the early 1950s, as the post-war housing boom led to an increased demand for single-family homes. Known for its affordable detached homes, laid-back atmosphere and close proximity to amenities, Athlone is the ideal neighbourhood for families in search of a budget-friendly home.

Did you know? Athlone takes its name from the Earl of Athlone, Alexander Augustus. Augustus was Canada’s…

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Baturyn is an established community located in upper Northwest Edmonton. As part of the greater Castle Downs area, residents of this popular neighbourhood enjoy having convenient access to a long list of amenities, such as schools, shops, services and more. Baturyn is also well known for its quiet atmosphere and broad selection of affordable homes, including detached and semi-detached properties. Overall, Baturyn is an all-in-one neighbourhood with a safe, laid-back vibe ideal for growing families.

Did you know? Like all neighbourhoods within the Castle Downs district, Baturyn takes its name from a famous castle. Located in northeast Ukraine, Baturyn Castle was destroyed in the 18th century by Russian troops. The fortress was rebuilt 42 years…

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