Are you in search of homes for sale or other real estate opportunities in Northeast Edmonton? Here’s what you need to know.

About Northeast Edmonton 

Northeast Edmonton is defined by 97th Street to the west, Edmonton city limits to the north and east and Yellowhead Trail to the south. A handful of neighbourhoods south of Yellowhead Trail and north of the North Saskatchewan River are also part of greater Northeast Edmonton.

Many of Northeast Edmonton’s more mature neighbourhoods, such as those closest to the North Saskatchewan River Valley, started as separate towns or villages before amalgamating with the Greater City of Edmonton. For instance, what we now know to be the Beverly area, was once the Town of Beverly, (whose sign still marks the…

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Cloverdale is a beautiful riverside community situated less than five minutes from Edmonton’s downtown core. Thanks to its fantastic location, this popular neighbourhood offers residents the best of both worlds when it comes to desirable outdoor amenities (i.e., the river valley trail system) and convenient access to the city centre.

Did you know? Cloverdale was once known as “Gallagher Flats,” named after Cornelius Gallagher who later become the third mayor of Edmonton. Cloverdale was renamed sometime in the 1930s for pioneer Thomas H. Clover.  

Cloverdale Real Estate

Cloverdale offers a small-town vibe and an eclectic array of home styles. Single-family homes are the predominant housing type in the area (accounting for just under half…

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Are you ready to purchase your first Edmonton home? Here are our top 12 tips for first-time buyers, just like you.

1. Get a Handle on the Process

What does the home buying process look like, exactly? With so many moving parts involved in any real estate transaction, we recommend learning more about the steps you’ll need to take ahead of time. Of course, your Edmonton REALTOR® will walk you through it all, but even the smallest amount of research will help reduce first-time buyer overwhelm.

2. Consider Your Credit

Your credit score is the first thing mortgage lenders will consider during the mortgage approval process. To avoid any surprises (and to secure a better interest rate), be sure to check your credit report beforehand. Keep in…

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Are you on the hunt for an affordable, single-family home in the capital region? Have you considered purchasing in any one of Edmonton’s highly popular manufactured home communities? Not only are these close-knit residential neighbourhoods known for their reasonably-priced detached homes (180 – 360k, on average), but they’re also well regarded for their on-site amenities, family-friendly atmosphere, proximity to schools, shops, services, restaurants, recreation venues and much more!

And that’s just the start.

Learn more about Edmonton’s many in-demand manufactured home communities and what they have to offer below:

Westview Village in West Edmonton 

Westview Village is a manufactured home community tucked quietly away near the west…

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Situated just a stone’s throw away from city centre, Riverdale remains one of Edmonton’s most beloved (and beautiful) neighbourhoods. Praised for its unique location, mature trees, proximity to amenities and diverse home styles, Riverdale offers home buyers the distinct character and charm only an established riverside community can provide.

Did you know? First settled in the late 1800s, Riverdale was the first industrial suburb of Fort Edmonton and stands as one of the oldest communities in the city (source: Riverdale Community League). 

Riverdale Real Estate

As we mentioned above, Riverdale’s unique array of home styles represent one of the many qualities drawing Edmonton home buyers to this exceptional neighbourhood. While most homes…

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Are you in search of homes for sale or other real estate opportunities in Northwest Edmonton? Here’s what you need to know.

About Northwest Edmonton 

The majority of Northwest Edmonton is defined by Parkland County to the west, Sturgeon County to the north, 97th Street to the east and Yellowhead Trail to the south. A small area located just south of the Yellowhead (north of 111th Ave, east of 170th Street and west of 121st Street) also makes up this vast quadrant.

Northwest Edmonton is also comprised of numerous communities that were once standalone towns, villages or hamlets. Established neighbourhoods such Britannia-Youngstown, High Park and Canora, for instance, were once a part of Jasper Place – a town that amalgamated with the…

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