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The “secret” to making top dollar when you sell your home isn’t really a secret at all. All you need to do is consider a few well-placed investments of time and a little money that will both increase the price of your home and the time in which it sold.  

The following ideas will show you how even minor home improvements can substantially boost the value and marketability of your home. This is crucial before listing your home on the market, as the failure to make beneficial changes can leave you at a disadvantage when buyers compare your home to the competition.

1. It’s the Little Things 

Unless your home is in perfect condition or you’re selling it as a “fixer-upper,” there are likely a few repair or renovation projects to consider. These…

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Top Moving Tips from The Terry Paranych Real Estate Group Featured Image

Whether you’re moving across town or the country, our expert tips will help simplify the process.

Download a Moving Checklist 

Moving checklists are a handy tool for planning ahead, reducing stress and keeping your move on track. They also ensure you remember important details, stay organized and plan your upcoming move quickly and efficiently.

Decide if You’ll Hire Movers 

There are pros and cons when it comes to hiring movers. On one hand, relying on friends and family is a great way to save on moving costs. On the other, movers will help you save time and stress on move day. If you do decide to hire movers, we recommend getting at least three quotes and booking well in advance to secure your desired move date.

Cut the Clutter 

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Real Estate Marketing Myths Every Home Seller Should Know Featured Image

Real estate marketing is critical to selling your home quickly and for the most money possible. After all, without it, how will buyers be able to find your home? More importantly, without the right marketing, how will the right buyers be able to see your home at the right time to attract the best offers?

Simply put, not all real estate marketing is created equal. And knowing the difference will make you a much more savvy (and profitable) home seller overall. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of real estate marketing myths so you can make strategic, informed decisions when it comes to choosing the best REALTOR® and marketing strategy for your home.

Here are the top real estate marketing myths every home seller should know.

Myth Number…

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The 17 Worst Home Renovations You Can Spend Your Money On Featured Image

While these 17 home upgrades can certainly improve your family’s overall enjoyment of your home, they may lack on ROI when it comes time to sell.

1. Master Suite Additions

According to the experts, an upscale master suite addition (i.e. walk-in closet addition, large shower, dual vanities and soaker tub, etc.) will set you back approximately $282,062. There’s no denying that a master suite retreat can deliver endless value when it comes to homeowner convenience and comfort. Still, with an average ROI of only 51.6%, you’re not likely to recoup your initial costs. 

2. Costly Carpeting 

Since carpeting is a magnet for dust, germs and stains, many buyers prefer lower maintenance forms of flooring. Even so, if you have carpeting in your home,…

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Sell your Edmonton home quickly and for the most money possible with the help of these seven home-selling tips.

1. Determine Your Reason For Selling (then keep it to yourself) 

Your motivation for selling plays a crucial role in determining the overall sales process. Are you in a hurry to sell based on a new job or closing date on another property? This will call for a different approach than if you have more time to prepare before listing.

Once you have determined your reason(s) for selling, be sure to keep them to yourself to avoid giving anything away to interested home buyers. If they know you are on a tight moving timeline, they may be inclined to make a lower offer.

2. Get a Free Home Evaluation 

Simply put, a home…

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Are you thinking of putting your Edmonton home on the market this spring? Sell your home quickly and for the most money possible with our top spring selling tips!

1. Ramp Up Curb Your Appeal 

Make your home stand out to potential buyers by boosting your property’s curb appeal. In addition to regular outdoor maintenance (i.e., mowing the lawn, removing debris, trimming trees and shrubs, weeding flower beds, etc.), we recommend the following:

Improve Your Lawn – Address any bare or patchy spots with seeding and watering.

Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior – Siding, sidewalks, driveway, windows, porch/deck, etc.

Clean Your Gutters – Remove any leaves, dirt and debris from gutters, taking care to scrub them both inside and out.

Fix It Up…

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Unlike selling a regular Edmonton home, luxury homes pose some unique challenges. Not only do they appeal to a narrower pool of buyers, but they also tend to be highly specialized when it comes to size, design and décor. As the Edmonton real estate market behaves differently for these high-end properties, everything from pricing  to marketing strategies must be carefully evaluated.

If you’re considering putting your luxury home on the Edmonton market, here are a few must-follow tips:

Work With a REALTOR® Who Understands the Luxury Market 

When selling your luxury home, we recommend partnering with an Edmonton REALTOR® with experience. As luxury homes tend to occupy a niche section of the market, it’s essential to choose an agent who…

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On the surface, selling your own home may seem like a great way to save time, money and stress. After all, For Sale By Owner Homes (FSBO) allow you to cut the commission and list your home on your terms, right?

The truth is, opting to sell your home on your own can and will cost you more than you bargained for. If you’ve been thinking about flying solo when it comes time to put your home on the Edmonton market, here are 11 reasons to reconsider:

1. Some REALTORS® May Not Show a FSBO Home 

Some real estate agents actually go out of their way to avoid FSBO homes – unless specifically requested by the buyer. This is because REALTORS® are more inclined to shy away from transactions without another trained and licensed agent on the other end.…

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While downsizing may be the right choice, it’s not always an easy one. After all, you’ve spent a good many years in your current home, and it can be difficult to leave so many fond memories (and possibly possessions) behind. If that weren’t enough, you must also begin the search for a new home better suited to your lifestyle while attempting to sell your existing property at the same time.

The good news is you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Here are eight reasons to work with a REALTOR® when downsizing your home:

1. They’ll Be Your Rock

A good REALTOR® understands a home is much more than four walls and a roof – and parting ways with something that has played such a significant role in your life to date can be nothing short of…

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While Spring and Summer are generally thought of as “busy season,” for the Edmonton real estate market, fall comes with its own set of advantages. With families returning from their summer vacations, children heading back to school and the holidays still months away, the average Edmonton home buyer has more time to focus on their new home dreams – making fall a great time to sell your home!

Other key reasons to sell your home in the fall:

1. Less Competition Among Home Sellers: A slower market means fewer home sellers and less inventory to compete with.

2. Buyers Are More Motivated: With reduced inventory comes a reduced ability to be choosy/picky over homes currently available on the market.

3. Enhanced Curb Appeal: Fall colours and…

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