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Of course, you want to get the highest possible price for your home. As such, you may be inclined to list at the maximum price to receive top dollar. But what if we told you that you could potentially get more out of your home’s sale by asking for less? Here, we’ll explore the concept of asking for less when selling your home and how it can lead to a better outcome for both you and your potential buyers.

The Psychology Behind Asking for Less

When potential buyers see a home listed at a slightly lower price, it creates an immediate sense of value and opportunity. Buyers are more likely to perceive a home as a great deal and act more quickly, resulting in increased interest and/or a potential bidding war. By asking for less, you can create a sense of urgency and generate more interest in your property.

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Cast a Wider Net

Setting a slightly lower price for your home can widen its appeal and attract a larger pool of potential buyers. Lowering the asking price will put your property in a more affordable range, potentially attracting first-time homebuyers and those whose budget might have been slightly below your initial asking price. This increased interest can lead to more inquiries, showings, and ultimately, more offers.

Encourage Competitive Bidding

By asking for less than the market value, you create a competitive environment that encourages potential buyers to bid against each other. This type of bidding war can drive the sale price up, potentially exceeding the original asking price. When multiple buyers are bidding for a property that is priced attractively, they are more likely to make higher offers in fear of losing out. This strategy can help garner a higher selling price, sometimes surpassing your initial ask.

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Faster Sale and Lower Holding Costs

A lower asking price can lead to a quicker sale, significantly reducing holding costs such as mortgage payments, insurance, and maintenance expenses. Over time, these expenses add up, making it a better financial decision to sell your home in a shorter timeframe. By asking for less, you can ramp up the selling process, potentially saving thousands of dollars in carrying costs and freeing up your finances.

Establish Trust and Attract Serious Buyers

When you ask for less, it demonstrates your sincerity as a seller and builds trust between you and potential buyers. Because buyers often view properties listed at or below market value as a genuine opportunity, asking for less will attract those who are genuinely committed to purchasing your home. This trust-based relationship can lead to smoother negotiations and a greater likelihood of a successful sale.

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Additional Tips for Selling Your Home Fast and For the Most Money Possible 

By following these expert tips, you can set yourself up for a successful home-selling journey.

Enhance Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything – and prospective buyers will form an opinion about your home within seconds of their arrival. Ensure your property’s exterior looks its best by investing in minor upgrades. Freshen up the exterior paint, tidy the garden and consider adding attractive landscaping features. These enhancements will create a good impression and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Deep Clean & Declutter

A clean, clutter-free home appeals to buyers, allowing them to envision themselves living in the space. Before listing your property, take the time to deep clean each room, including hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, declutter by removing personal items (i.e. family photos), excess furniture, and unnecessary belongings. A well-organized and depersonalized home lets buyers focus on the space’s potential.

Stage for Success

Staging your home can significantly impact a buyer’s perception. Consider hiring a professional stager who can rearrange furniture and utilize decorative elements to create an inviting atmosphere. If you prefer to skip the added cost of a professional stager, your Edmonton REALTOR® can help you. We also recommend employing a few home staging tips. 

Make Necessary Repairs

Address any visible issues, both major and minor, before listing your home. Potential buyers might view these problems as a reason to negotiate a lower price, affecting your potential profit. Fixing leaky faucets, filling holes in the wall, and ensuring all appliances are in excellent working order will present your home as well-maintained and reduce buyer concerns.

Invest in Pre-Listing Inspections

Speaking of necessary repairs, a pre-listing inspection will provide an in-depth look at your home’s condition, allowing you to address potential problems before buyers discover them. Identifying and fixing issues in advance will save you time during negotiations and establish trust with buyers because your home is well-cared for, and you have nothing to hide. 

Employ Effective Marketing

A comprehensive marketing strategy is critical to attract the right buyers at the right time. A good Edmonton REALTOR® will employ professional photography to showcase your home at its best, leverage social media, online platforms, and reputable Edmonton real estate websites to reach a broader audience. Work with a real estate agent who will use their network and expertise to promote your home effectively.

Be Flexible with Showings

Make your home as accessible for showings as possible. Buyers have busy schedules, so accommodating different viewing times can significantly increase your chances of finding the right buyer quickly. 

Highlight Unique Selling Points

Distinguish your home from the competition by emphasizing its unique features. Showcase any upgrades, energy-efficient features, or recent renovations that may attract potential buyers. Create a list of these selling points to ensure they are highlighted in the listing description during open houses and showings.

Negotiate Carefully 

When receiving offers, evaluate each one carefully before making a decision. Work with your real estate agent to negotiate effectively, taking into account both price and favourable terms. Keep an open mind while making sure buyer offers align with your home-selling goals.

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