Are you in search of homes for sale or other real estate opportunities in Central Edmonton? Here’s what you need to know.

About Central Edmonton

Central Edmonton is defined (approximately) as including all real estate and homes for sale south of the Yellowhead, east of 121st Street, west of the Capital LRT line and north of 111th Street. Often referred to as Downtown Edmonton, Central Edmonton is home to many of the city’s oldest communities and remains the historic centre of the Edmonton real estate market.

Despite the area’s established status, most neighbourhoods within Central Edmonton have a low population density. This is rapidly changing, however, due to recent revitalization initiatives, combined with location, affordable home prices and an increasing number of infill properties.

With beginnings dating back to 1795 with the establishment of Fort Edmonton, Central Edmonton offers an unparalleled sense of old-world charm. As a result, Edmonton home buyers enjoy having their pick of heritage homes, modern properties and everything in between, while enjoying many of the city’s best amenities.

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Central Edmonton Homes For Sale

Central Edmonton Condos 

Low-maintenance, apartment-style condos account for the majority of home styles in Central Edmonton, making the area particularly attractive to working professionals and first-time buyers. Condo prices typically start in the low 200s, however, luxury condos can price well into the one million+ mark, depending on size and location.

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Single-Family Homes 

Following high and low-rise apartment-style condossingle-family homes are the second-most prominent home style in Central Edmonton. A choice location among Edmonton families, detached models start in the early 300s and feature, on average, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Single-family home styles in the area vary from older character homes featuring recent upgrades to brand new infill models, equipped with the latest features and finishes.

Townhomes and Duplexes in Central Edmonton 

Townhomes and duplexes are becoming increasingly popular in Central Edmonton, as many of the area’s older residences give way to modern infill. Communities such as RiverdaleMcCauleyDelton and Eastwood, for example, are seeing a growing number of attached and semi-detached homes, in high demand among buyers looking for a new home near city centre.

Multi-family home prices in Central Edmonton vary, ranging from the low 200s for an older (upgraded) duplex to the mid-500s for a brand-new townhome.

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Central Edmonton Neighbourhoods 

Alberta Avenue 

Once referred to as “Norwood,” Alberta Avenue is located just 10-minutes from Edmonton’s downtown core. With roots dating back to 1894, Alberta Avenue is an extremely mature neighbourhood known for its older single-family homes. These include both pre-and post-war bungalows and historic two-story homes situated on large lots.

As Alberta Avenue has aged, infill properties have begun to replace some of the community’s older homes, offering buyers the best of both worlds when it comes to contemporary style in a mature neighbourhood.

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Boyle Street

Located directly east of Edmonton’s downtown core, Boyle Street is defined by 97th Street to the west, the Edmonton LRT line to the north, Jasper Ave to the east and 82nd Street to the south. As one of Edmonton’s oldest communities (part of the 1892 original town of Edmonton), Boyle Street features the highest concentration of older/historic buildings in the city.

Both high and low-rise apartment-style condos (many offering river valley views) reign supreme in this eclectic community, with prices ranging from below $100,000, all the way to the one million+ mark. Single-family homes (both older character properties and infill) and newer duplexes and townhomes can also be found in select spots throughout the neighbourhood.

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Central McDougall

Since residential development first began in the early 1900s, many of the Central McDougall’s older, single-family homes have been replaced with affordable, low-rise apartment-style condos. Located near downtown Edmonton, Kingsway Mall, the Royal Alexandra Hospital and several schools, Central McDougall is also situated near some of the city’s best amenities.

A small number of single-family homes, duplexes and townhomes can be found in the area, as well as some vacant lots – perfect for your new home build or next real estate investment opportunity. Condo prices may start as low as $70,000 (one bed, one bath), while townhomes, duplexes and single-family homes start in the mid 200s.

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Encompassing some of the city’s oldest homes, Delton is the ideal neighbourhood to find a quaint character bungalow within close proximity to amenities – including Kingsway Mall, schools, transit and Yellowhead Trail. A great location for growing families, home prices in the area remain affordable, with three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes (on large lots) starting at around $250,000

For Edmonton home buyers in search of something slightly more modern, Delton also houses a number of newer infill homes, with emphasis on attached and semi-detached properties. Slightly more expensive, average prices for these contemporary homes typically start in the early $300s. Note: They also make a great investment opportunity for savvy multi-family real estate investors.

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Home to Edmonton’s famed Jasper Ave, Downtown Edmonton is a popular location among working professionals. Boasting convenient access to the city’s central business district as well as pubs, restaurants, boutique shops, transit and the river valley, Downtown Edmonton has it all.

The downtown core also offers a mix of retail, office, warehouse and residential space, divided across five popular districts. These include:

The Capital District –The Legislature Grounds and Capital Boulevard (the area extending between the Legislature Grounds and Grant MacEwan University).

The Commercial-Cultural Core – Central Edmonton’s Arts District, Commercial Core, River’s Edge and Station Lands areas.

Jasper Avenue – Considered Edmonton’s original “Main Street,” 101st Ave running from approximately 124th Street to 82nd Street.

McKay Avenue Neighbourhood – McKay Avenue residential area as well as the Victoria Avenue mixed-use area.

Warehouse Campus Neighborhood – Central Warehouse area, Heritage area, MacEwan area and Railtown area.

Multi-story condos and apartments dominate these districts, with choices ranging from refurbished warehouse lofts to high-rise luxury penthouses.

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Less than 10 minutes north of Downtown Edmonton, Eastwood is an established neighbourhood characterized by mature trees and diverse homes ranging in size, style and price point. Several significant amenities, including a local shopping district (grocers, banking institutions, coffee shops, etc.), school and active community league also exist within Eastwood. In addition, residents enjoy having convenient access to Edmonton NorthlandsCommonwealth Stadium and Kingsway Mall.

Though comprised mainly of upgraded post-WWII bungalows on large lots, the area also features several attached and semi-detached models (including duplexes and apartment-style condos) as well as a handful of new infill homes. Real estate prices range from the late 100s (two bed and one bath condo) to $400,000 for a brand new, two-story detached home.

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Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park is defined by 82nd Street to the west, Yellowhead Trail to the north, Fort Road to the east and 122nd Ave to the south. Due to its ultra-accessible location, Elmwood Park is ideal for residents who work downtown and/or throughout the greater capital region. Established following the end of WWII, Elmwood Park is a mature neighbourhood known for its many elm trees, for which the community is named. 

Perfect for any lifestyle and budget, Elwood Park offers Edmonton buyers a diverse array of home styles. Affordable single-family homes consisting primarily of renovated post-war bungalows account for over half of all residences in the area, with average prices starting in the late 200s. Low-rise apartment-style condos priced below $100,000 are also prevalent throughout, followed by a small number of duplexes.

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McCauley is a mature Central Edmonton community currently undergoing new revitalization initiatives (green space development, enhanced streetscaping and more). A walkable neighbourhood less than 10 minutes north of downtown (and home to Commonwealth Stadium), McCauley is one of Edmonton’s oldest communities, first established in early 1912.

Single-family homes and low-rise condos are the predominant home styles in McCauley, followed by a scattering of modern duplexes and high-rise apartment buildings. While the area is known for its upgraded character properties, recent revitalization efforts have attracted new development, resulting in an influx of infill homes. Detached dwellings in the area are priced in the mid 200s and up. McCauley also features several apartment-condo complexes for sale, perfect for Edmonton real estate investors. 

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One of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods, Oliver is situated immediately west of downtown. Once referred to as Edmonton’s “West End,” this city centre community is now one of Edmonton’s most highly sought-after areas. Not only does this vibrant neighbourhood offer panoramic views of the river valley (and easy access to the Victoria Golf CourseRoyal Glenora Club and Alberta Legislature Grounds), but it also encompasses both Jasper Ave and Unity Square.

Over the years, Oliver has undergone significant residential development, with older homes giving way to high and low-rise apartment-style condos. As a result, the community maintains a high density and is a prime choice among working professionals and first-time buyers. Prices remain every bit as diverse as the neighbourhood itself, ranging from below $100,000 for a one bed, one bath unit to a million dollars plus for a skyline luxury penthouse.

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Parkdale offers Edmonton home buyers a broad mix of home styles ranging from single-family models to apartment-style condos, townhomes and duplexes. An older community dating back to the establishment of Edmonton’s streetcar railway (1908), Parkdale remains a low-density neighbourhood known for its walkability, transit accessibility and amenities.

Single-family homes, which account for half of all residential real estate in Parkdale, vary in size, style and price point – consisting of everything from quaint character bungalows to contemporary two-storey infill homes. In addition, apartment-style condos are notably affordable (many priced below $100,000), making the area perfect for first-time buyers.

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Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert was developed in the late 1940s and early 50s as a result of the post-WWII housing boom. A triangular-shaped community bounded by 111th Ave to the south and Kingsway Ave to the north, residents in the neighbourhood enjoy having an abundance of shops, services, restaurants, and entertainment venues within arm’s reach. A number of schools can also be found near Prince Rupert, which borders both the NAIT campus and the Metro LRT line.

Real estate in the area consists mainly of detached homes, including updated character bungalows, two-storey front attached models, infill properties and everything in between. There are also a significant number of apartment-style condos available, with prices starting in the mid 100s.

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Queen Mary Park

Like many city centre neighbourhoods, Queen Mary Park is known for its mixed land use, less than half of which is considered residential. Formerly Hudson Bay Company Reserve land, residential development didn’t begin in the area until the mid-1950s, where single-family homes began to take centre stage.

As redevelopment has occurred over the years, the community now offers an even divide between single-family homes and low-rise apartment-style condos. An excellent location for updated character homes, post-war properties (and older) are common, starting at $350,000. Condos in the area may start as low as $50,000 for a quaint one-bedroom, to just shy of a million for a loft-style unit offering 2,000+ square feet.

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Riverdale is an affluent, river valley community located east of downtown Edmonton. First developed by settlers in the late 1800s, the area housed Edmonton’s first lumber mill and brickyard (many of the neighbourhood’s original brickwork buildings still stand today). Ripe with historic charm, this beautiful community offers direct access to vast open green spaces, fantastic views and desirable city centre amenities.

Single-family homes account for nearly 40% of homes styles in Riverdale and consist of everything from turn of the century character homes and bungalows to modern infill properties and luxury homes. Condos account for over half of the remaining home styles, particularly low-rise, apartment-style units. Townhomes and duplexes are beginning to crop up in the community, as the neighbourhood’s older properties are replaced with contemporary infill.

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Rossdale’s history dates back to the early 1800s, as the location of Edmonton’s original fur trading forts. Today, the area is comprised of a high number of apartment-style condo developments (accounting for over half of home styles in the area), followed by roughly 35% single-family homes, 10% townhomes and 4% duplexes. Due to recurrent development, homes in the area vary in age and style, with new properties cropping up every year.

Rossdale home prices tend to be slightly higher than other inner-city neighbourhoods due to its proximity to downtown and the scenic river valley. Other notable nearby amenities include RE/MAX Field, the Alberta Legislature Grounds, Louise McKinney Riverfront Park and Jasper Ave.

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Spruce Avenue

A mature neighbourhood located directly north of city centre, Spruce Avenue was first established in the early 1900s. While development of the area continued well into the 1980s, Spruce Avenue maintains the quiet, historical charm home buyers have come to expect from an established neighbourhood. Featuring numerous desirable amenities, including two schools, Kingsway Mall, NAIT, and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Spruce Avenue is the ideal neighbourhood for growing families.

Detached properties are the predominant home style in Spruce Avenue. Single-family models include renovated pre and post-war homes as well as 60s, 70s and 80s bungalows offering modern upgrades. Infill homes are also gaining traction in Spruce Avenue, thanks to its desirable location (a factor that may also result in higher home prices). 

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Westwood is bounded by 107th Street the west, Yellowhead Trail to the north, 97th Street to the east and 118th Ave to the south. Semi-isolated yet easily accessible, the community sits within walking distance of several popular amenities, including schools (NAIT), Kingsway Mall and Edmonton’s Metro LRT line. Due to its convenient location, Westwood residents also enjoy a streamlined commute to most areas of the city. 

Affordable low-rise apartment-style condos represent over half of all residences in Westwood, making the community ideal for students, first-time buyers and Edmonton real estate investors. Single-family dwellings and a small number of townhomes account for Westwood’s remaining home styles, with prices starting in the mid 300s.

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