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Whether you’re moving across town or the country, our expert tips will help simplify the process.

Download a Moving Checklist 

Moving checklists are a handy tool for planning ahead, reducing stress and keeping your move on track. They also ensure you remember important details, stay organized and plan your upcoming move quickly and efficiently.

Decide if You’ll Hire Movers 

There are pros and cons when it comes to hiring movers. On one hand, relying on friends and family is a great way to save on moving costs. On the other, movers will help you save time and stress on move day. If you do decide to hire movers, we recommend getting at least three quotes and booking well in advance to secure your desired move date.

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Cut the Clutter 

Why spend time packing things you no longer need? Instead, lighten your moving load by tossing, donating, or even selling unwanted items online or in a pre-move yard sale. Bonus = You may even make a little extra moving cash.

Pack a Box of Essentials 

Big or small, moving is a tiring business. Having bedding, a change of clothes, toiletries and other essentials at the ready will make things much easier on your arrival. Be sure to pack these things in a separate suitcase or tote ahead of time and keep them with you.

Pack as Much as You Can Ahead of Time 

There’s nothing more stressful than being crunched for time when packing for a home move. Not only will it give you a better chance of finishing on schedule, but it will give you time to organize your belongings (perhaps even offload a few) and pack items as carefully and safely as possible.

Pro Tip: Pack what you don’t need first such as seasonal items, décor, extra bedding, books, etc.

Use Coloured Packing Labels 

Assign each room its own colour, then put the same coloured label on the door of the corresponding room. This will save you, and your movers, a ton of time at the end of your journey, as you won’t have to read each box to determine its destination.


Use Suitably Sized Boxes 

No one wants to lift a super-sized box full of books (not even your movers). Instead, keep heavy items limited to small boxes and lighter items to larger ones. We also recommend packing boxes as full as possible (even with newspaper or linens) to avoid shifting during the move.

Label Various Parts and Accessories 

Keep the hardware together when taking apart electronics, furniture, or other pieces that require assembly. This may be as simple as putting nuts and bolts into a Ziploc or rolling cables into a labelled box. This will make things much simpler on your arrival.

Pro Tip: Taking photos of assembled items ahead of time will help you put them back together.

Leave Clothes on Their Hangers (If You Can)

Keep your clothes on their hangers during transport. You can either group them together and protect them in garbage bags or place them in a wardrobe box. Leave clothes in your dresser during the move (as long as it’s not too heavy), and if you must pack your clothing, we recommend rolling items instead of folding to save room.

Have a Plan For Move Day 

Reduce moving day anxiety by having a game plan. For example, if you have pets or children, make arrangements with loved ones to have them safely out of the way during the move. If you have opted for a professional moving company, decide which items can be loaded first (aka unloaded last at your new home) and have a cooler of snacks and drinks at the ready.

Pro Tip: We also recommend checking the weather in advance to ensure you’re comfortably dressed.

Top Moving Tips from The Terry Paranych Real Estate Group Moving Image

Transport Small Valuables Yourself 

When it comes to smaller valuables such as jewelry, important documents, valuable artwork and sentimental items, we suggest packing and transporting those items yourself. This will ensure that your most precious cargo remains safely in your care.

Consider a Tip For Your Movers 

While it’s not expected, tipping your movers is a great way to show your appreciation for a job well done. Moving heavy furniture and boxes, especially long distance and/or up and down flights of stairs (all while trying to protect your possessions), is a challenging task. Check the company’s website if you’re unsure of the tipping policy.

Pro Tip: Standard tips for movers typically start at $5 per hour.

Do a Final Walkthrough 

Take the time to go through every room in your house (cupboards, closets, upper shelves, lower shelves, etc.) to make sure you haven’t missed anything. You’ll also want to check outdoor spaces, including the garage, shed and yard. This is especially important for longer distance moves that make picking up missed items far more difficult.

Motivate Yourself with a Deadline

Unpacking sucks, especially after a big move. Give yourself an “unpacking deadline” by opting to have friends over or by hosting a housewarming party. This will give you more motivation to get your unpacking done.

Pro Tip: Unpack the kitchen first so you can prepare meals and avoid spending money on take out. Not to mention, kitchens tend to take the most effort, so unpacking other rooms will seem much easier.

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