Welcome to The Best Places to Live in Edmonton, a multi-part series in which we take a deep dive into some of the best communities our diverse and vibrant city has to offer. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a new home in the capital region, we hope this information will help you zero-in on the right neighbourhood for your unique needs.

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South Central Edmonton 

Windsor Park 

Windsor Park is defined by Groat Road to the west, Saskatchewan Drive to the north, 116th Street to the east and University Ave to the south. Offering close proximity to the river valley (and the potential for some truly astounding views), this ultra-desirable neighbourhood sits just a stone’s throw away from William Hawrelak Park, the University of Alberta and Edmonton’s famous Whyte Ave.

Real estate opportunities in the Windsor Park area consist mainly of detached single-family homes – with an emphasis on older homes built on large lots. Many of these character properties (constructed in the 1940s and 1950s) have been renovated to include the latest in desirable features, upgrades and finishes. Modern, two-storey infill homes are also becoming increasingly popular in the area, as well as semi-detached residences and condos.

Average Windsor Park Listing Price = $2,000,000

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Garneau remains one of Edmonton’s oldest and most highly sought-after communities – and it’s not hard to see why! Located alongside the University of Alberta and transected by trendy 82nd Ave, this mature yet vibrant neighbourhood is home to some of the best amenities the city has to offer – including Kinsmen Park (proximity to the river valley), and the many popular restaurants, bars, boutique shops, services, cafes and gastropubs of Whyte Ave. 

Due to its mature status and University-friendly location, many of Garneau’s older, single-family homes have given way to semi-detached townhomes and affordable apartment-style condos. That being said, single-family home opportunities (including older character homes and modern new infill properties) can still be found throughout the neighbourhood.

Average Garneau Listing Price = $466,000

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Old Strathcona 

A historic community located in the heart of Edmonton’s vibrant arts and culture district, Old Strathcona remains one of Edmonton’s most beloved neighbourhoods. Defined by the many shops, services, restaurants, cafes and pubs along bordering Whyte Ave, Old Strathcona is a trendy community known for its unique home styles, unbeatable amenities and distinct atmosphere.

Low-rise apartment-style condos account for nearly half of all residences in Old Strathcona, followed by high-rise apartment-style condos, single-family homes, townhomes and duplexes. Real estate opportunities in the area remain every bit as diverse as the neighbourhood itself, offering home buyers everything from vintage bungalows and cottage-style detached homes to brand new infill properties.

Average Old Strathcona Listing Price = $519,000

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Belgravia is another south-central neighbourhood highly renowned for its location near the University of Alberta, Whyte Ave and the North Saskatchewan River Valley (Whitemud Park). Noted for its mature, tree-lined streets, abundant amenities and ultra-accessibility (especially with Edmonton’s LRT system only steps away), Belgravia is ideal for growing families looking to thrive in an all-in-one community.

Roughly three-quarters of residences in Belgravia consist of single-family homes, with many built before 1960. Varying in size and price point, detached home styles in the area include historic character bungalows and two-storey properties and, increasingly, eye-catching new infill homes. The remaining real estate opportunities in this diverse community consist of high-density options (apartment-style condos) located along Belgravia’s borders.

Average Belgravia Listing Price = $905,000

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: McKernan Featured ImageMcKernan 

First amalgamated by the greater City of Edmonton in 1912, McKernan is a mature community located directly south of the University of Alberta, parallel to 114th Street and the LRT line. Like many south-central Edmonton communities, McKernan is characterized by quiet, tree-lined streets, family-friendly amenities and an abundance of single-family homes of all styles and price points.

Despite McKernan’s established status, residential development in the neighbourhood didn’t begin until the 1940s. As such, the area is home to a vast number of upgraded character bungalows and one and a half storey homes, featuring large lots and plenty of charm. Home buyers in search of something a little more modern are also in luck as many of the community’s older homes have been replaced with contemporary infill – including expertly-designed two-storey detached homes, duplexes and townhomes.

A small number of affordable apartment-style condos can also be found in the area.

Average McKernan Listing Price = $656,000

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Parkallen is a highly desirable residential neighbourhood located a few blocks south of the University of Alberta. Situated within close proximity to the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Whyte Ave, Southgate Centre and the Edmonton LRT line, Parkallen is renowned for its accessibility and amenity-friendly location. A great neighbourhood for families, Parkallen also plays host to a centrally located school and park site and an active community league, offering a broad range of activities and programs for residents of all ages.

Home styles in Parkallen consist predominantly of single-family properties, most of which were constructed between 1945 and 1960. Over the years, several of the neighbourhood’s older, post-war bungalows have been removed in favour of modern infill homes. Parkallen is also home to a small number of low-rise apartment-style condos, duplexes and townhomes.

Average Allendale Listing Price = $581,000

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Allendale Featured ImageAllendale 

Bounded by 109th Street to the west, 70th Ave to the north, Calgary Trail to the east and 61st Ave to the south, Allendale is a quiet south-central community known for its easily accessible amenities – including schools, shopping (Southgate Centre), restaurants, services, entertainment venues (Whyte Ave) outdoor fun (the North Saskatchewan River Valley) and more. First established prior to the First World War, Allendale is a mature community ripe with both character and charm.

Allendale offers home buyers an eclectic array of detached, single-family homes, the neighbourhood’s primary home style. A small portion of detached homes were built before WWII, but the bulk of development occurred between the 1950s and 1970s. Low-rise apartment-style condos and duplexes are also available throughout Allendale, with many of the area’s semi-detached homes constructed after 2015.

Average Allendale Listing Price = $714,000

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Southeast Central Edmonton 


Aptly named, Riverdale is a North Saskatchewan riverside community, celebrated for its prime location and unique historical charm. Situated only 5-minutes from Edmonton’s city centre, this one-of-a-kind neighbourhood offers residents the best of both worlds when it comes to big-city amenities (including the Muttart Conservatory and Riverside Golf Course) and a peaceful river valley lifestyle. Riverdale remains one of Edmonton’s most highly desirable neighbourhoods, distinguished by old trees, mature landscape, and unbeatable character.

Home styles in Riverdale are every bit as unique as the community itself. They include apartment-style condos (the predominant home style in the area) as well as single-family homes and townhomes. Many of the community’s detached properties were built after WWII. Still, some neighbourhood structures date as far back as the early 1900s, though many have since given way to modern duplexes and single-family homes.

Average Riverdale Listing Price = $503,000

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Yet another one of Edmonton’s premier river valley communities, Cloverdale is a smaller neighbourhood located directly across the North Saskatchewan River and the city’s downtown core. First established in the early 1900s, this historic area hosts some of Edmonton’s most celebrated amenities, including the Muttart Conservatory, Henrietta Muir Edwards Park, the Edmonton Ski Club, Accidental Beach and Gallagher Park (home of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival). Peaceful and serene, Cloverdale is genuinely unique in that it strikes the perfect balance between quiet community life and modern, city-centre living.

With single-family homes accounting for nearly half of all Cloverdale real estate, the neighbourhood remains a highly attractive option for young and thriving families. Detached dwellings in the area vary in style and character, ranging from renovated WWII-era character bungalows to two-storey properties constructed after 1990. Low-rise apartment-style condos and townhomes, both upgraded and recently built, are also prevalent throughout the community.

Average Cloverdale Listing Price = $411,000

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Like its neighbouring community of Cloverdale, Strathearn is a river valley neighbourhood located just moments away from Edmonton’s city centre. 

Defined by both Connors Road and Gallagher Park, Strathearn residents enjoy having quick and convenient access to the downtown core as well as ample outdoor recreation space. Other popular amenities in the area include Edmonton City Centre (shopping mall), the Muttart Conservatory and botanical gardens, the river valley park and trail system, the vibrant shops, services, pubs and eateries of Jasper Ave and much more.

Although Strathearn amalgamated with the City of Edmonton in 1912, residential development in the area took place in the 1940s and 1950s. It was at this time that many of the neighbourhood’s single-family homes were built – with detached homes accounting for nearly half of all residences in Strathearn today (some of these older properties have since been replaced with contemporary new infill). Low-rise apartment-style condos are also popular in Strathearn, followed by a few semi-detached duplex options.

Average Strathearn Listing Price = $796,000

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Bonnie Doon

A mature community offering quiet, tree-lined streets and beautiful ravine views, Bonnie Doon is defined by Mill Creek Ravine to the west, Connors Road (83rd Street) to the north and east and 82nd Ave to the south. Extremely amenity-friendly, Bonnie Doon is home to a local school, a large shopping centre (Bonnie Doon Mall), an active community league and ample parks, walking trails and open green space. In addition, bordering Whyte Ave provides streamlined access to Edmonton’s most popular shops, services, restaurants and pubs, as well as the University of Alberta.

Bonnie Doon features a broad range of home styles suitable to every taste, budget and lifestyle. Growing families will appreciate having a vast number of single-family homes to choose from, including everything from large, luxury properties and quaint bungalows to upgraded split-level homes and stunning new infill development (with infill becoming increasingly popular over the last several years).

Buyers in search of a low-maintenance home can also have their pick of properties, including reasonably priced low-rise apartment-style condos and spacious duplexes.

Average Bonnie Doon Listing Price = $906,000

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Idylwylde is bounded by 83rd Street to the west, 90th Ave to the north, 75th Street to the east and 82nd Ave to the south. Like many other Edmonton communities developed during the 1950s, the neighbourhood is laid out according to a modified grid pattern, which ensures the area remains quiet despite its convenient location along several major thoroughfares.

Two local schools, a leisure centre, several pocket parks, an active community league and nearby Mill Creek Ravine, represent just a few of Idylwylde’s many great amenities. In addition to Bonnie Doon Mall, which is easily accessible by foot, the highly-desirable shops, services, pubs and restaurants of Whyte Ave can be reached within a 5-minute drive or less.

Single-family homes account for over half the residences in Idylwylde, followed by low-rise apartment-style condos and duplexes. Half the neighbourhood’s single-family homes were built between the end of the Second World War and the early 1960s. As a result, many upgraded character homes remain available in the community today. Expertly designed infill homes are also becoming increasingly popular in Idylwylde, particularly two-storey rear-detached models and duplexes.

Average Idylwylde Listing Price = $455,000

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King Edward Park/Ritchie 

The southeast central Edmonton communities of King Edward Park (KEP) and Ritchie are located side by side along popular 82nd Ave. Situated within walking distance of Old Strathcona, residents of these two amenity-friendly communities enjoy having quick and convenient access to the shops, services, eateries and vibrant culture of Whyte Ave. Families living in KEP and Ritchie also enjoy having several local schools in the area and other desirable amenities such as Bonnie Doon Mall, the Mill Creek Ravine, the Edmonton Public LibraryBonnie Doon Leisure Centre and much more.

Single-family homes account for most home styles in KEP and Ritchie, followed by duplexes and apartment-style condos (with some townhome options available in Ritchie). Several of the neighbourhoods’ detached homes were built before the end of WWII. Still, many of these older character properties are giving way to eye-catching infill homes, which are becoming increasingly popular in the area.

Average King Edward Park Listing Price = $496,000

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Average Ritchie Listing Price = $532,000

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Thanks to its ultra-desirable location near the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Highlands Golf Club, city centre, and Whyte Ave, Holyrood has rapidly becoming one of Edmonton’s most popular infill communities. 

Characterized by tree-lined avenues and landscaped street islands, Holyrood is a family-friendly neighbourhood featuring a local elementary school, an active community league and convenient access to commercial amenities (including Bonnie Doon Mall and Whyte Ave). Bordered by Wayne Gretzky Drive, 90th Ave (Connors Road) and 98th Ave, residents of this mature community enjoy having streamlined access not only to the downtown core, but the greater City of Edmonton.

Developed in the 1950s, single-family homes account for the majority of real estate opportunities in Holyrood. Due to its mature status, many of the neighbourhoods’ older, post-WWII bungalows are being replaced with modern, two-storey infill homes – offering home buyers searching for a new property in an established community the best of both worlds. Although not as common as detached dwellings, multi-family homes and low-rise apartment-style condos are also available in the community’s west end.

Average Holyrood Listing Price = $408,000

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Edmonton Community Spotlight: Forest Heights Featured ImageForest Heights 

Appropriately named, the southeast central community of Forest Heights sits surrounded by a vast network of trees, trails and walking paths. Defined by the North Saskatchewan River Valley, several parks and the Riverside Golf Club, this nature-friendly neighbourhood is nothing short of an outdoor lover’s delight. Other highly desirable amenities in Forest Heights include several schools, daycares, an active community league and numerous shops and services throughout (including food stores, pharmacy, bakeries, restaurants, etc.).

Nearly three-quarters of all residences in Forest Heights are single-family homes, most of which were constructed between the Second World War and 1960. Infill homes (including detached models and duplexes) are also prevalent in Forest Heights, giving home buyers a broad range of styles and price points to choose from. Low-maintenance apartment-style condos can also be found throughout the community.

Average Southeast Edmonton Home Price = $474,000

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For more information on these neighbourhoods or Edmonton’s many other fantastic communities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We also invite you to download your free copy of our guide, Your All-In-One Guide to Choosing The Right Edmonton Neighbourhood or check out our latest community blog

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