Welcome to The Best Places to Live in Edmonton, a multi-part series in which we take a deep dive into some of the best communities our diverse and vibrant city has to offer. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a new home in the capital region, we hope this information will help you zero-in on the right neighbourhood for your unique needs.

Central Edmonton 

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1. Downtown 

Always an exciting place to be, Edmonton’s downtown core represents a healthy mix of retail, office, warehouse and residential space. Residential development, in particular, has taken centre stage in downtown Edmonton over the last several years, leading to an increase in grocery stores, retailers, services and other essential amenities.

Bisected by Jasper Avenue, downtown Edmonton is especially popular among working professionals who want to be close to the action. Pubs, restaurants, boutique stores, parks (i.e. the adjoining River Valley), excellent transit service and even better walkability, make this area an perfect place to call home. Other famous amenities include Edmonton City CentreRogers Place, the Art Gallery of AlbertaRoyal Alberta Museum, the Edmonton Convention Centre and more.

Real estate opportunities in the area are spread among five major districts: The Warehouse District, Rice Howard Way, McKay Avenue, Government Centre and the Commercial core. Of these districts, multi-story condos and apartments reign supreme, with choices ranging from refurbished warehouse lofts to high-rise luxury penthouses.

Average Downtown Listing Price = $498,000*

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2. Central McDougall

Central McDougall encompasses all real estate located east of 109th Street, south of 111th Ave, west of 101st Street and north of 105th Ave. Though the community was considered primarily residential following WWII, Central McDougall has been redeveloped to include vast amounts of multi-family housing and convenient commercial amenities.

While the area still houses a number of older, character bungalows and one-and-a-half-story homes, affordable apartment-style condos account for most Central McDougall residences. These include everything from affordable one-bedroom, one-bathroom units starting as low as $70,000 to high-end, multi-level apartments priced in the mid 200s. An ideal neighbourhood for Edmonton real estate investors, Central McDougall often sees multi-unit apartment complexes for sale.

Extremely amenity friendly, Central McDougall sits just steps away from Kingsway Mall, Unity Square and Edmonton’s downtown core. The area is also home to the Royal Alexandra Hospital as well as two local schools. Other popular amenities include Rogers Place, Edmonton City Centre (mall), the North Saskatchewan River Valley and much more.

Average Central McDougall Listing Price = $277,000*

See homes for sale in Central McDougall 

3. McCauley

Situated ten minutes north of Edmonton’s downtown core, McCauley is a mature community undergoing exciting new revitalization initiatives. One of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods, McCauley’s redevelopment plans include enhanced streetscaping, park and green space development, and a multicultural teahouse in recognition of the neighbourhood’s cultural history.

Bounded by 101st Street and 111/112th Ave, McCauley is known for its ultra-accessibility either by car, foot or transit. The area is also home to the Commonwealth Stadium and Recreation Centre, Edmonton’s famous Church Street corridor, and two unique and culturally distinct shopping areas: Chinatown and Little Italy.

Single-detached homes and apartment-style condos account for the majority of real estate in McCauley, followed by duplexes and high-rise apartment buildings. While the area is known for its older, character homes in particular, recent revitalization efforts have seen an increase in both modern infill properties and average listing prices.

Average McCauley Listing Price = $588,000*

See homes for sale in McCauley

4. Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert is a mature community featuring an even blend of commercial and residential real estate. Much of the neighbourhood was developed in the late 1940s and early 50s to accommodate the post-WWII housing boom (which saw a vast increase in growth, especially towards the neighbourhood’s centre). Once a single golf course and open farmland, Prince Rupert has now become one of the best places to live in Edmonton.

A triangular-shaped community, Prince Rupert is bordered by Kingsway Ave to the north and 111th Ave to the south. To the east and west of the neighbourhood sit several sports parks and walking trails. In addition to ample open green space, residents in the area enjoy having swift and convenient access to an abundance of shops, services, restaurants, and entertainment venues, including those of nearby Kingsway Mall. Several schools can also be found throughout the area, which encompasses NAIT campus and the adjoining LRT line.

Home styles in Prince Rupert consist mostly of single-family dwellings (older character bungalows, two-storey front attached homes and everything in between) and low-rise apartment-style condos. While much of Price Rupert’s development occurred just after WWII, the 1990s saw a resurgence of growth – especially near Kingsway Mall.

Average Prince Rupert Listing Price = $681,000*

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5. Boyle Street 

Yet another one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods, Boyle Street’s beginnings can be traced back to 1892, with the arrival of the Hudson Bay Company. Due to its historic background, Boyle Street is ripe with character and reputed to have the highest concentration of old buildings in Edmonton (including the Gibson Block, the Lodge/Pendennis Hotel, the Hecla Block and many more).

Thanks to its proximity to Edmonton’s downtown core, Boyle Street residents benefit from having a multitude of amenities within walking distance. These include the many shops and eateries of Jasper Ave, Edmonton City Centre, accessible transit (including the LRT), a renowned local community centre and the North Saskatchewan River Valley.

The majority of homes for sale in the Boyle Street area are apartment-style condos, however, there are a few single-family dwellings (both older, character homes and new infill properties), townhomes and duplexes to choose from.

Average Boyle Street Listing Price = $411,000*

See homes for sale in Boyle Street

6. Spruce Avenue 

An established neighbourhood in north-central Edmonton, Spruce Avenue’s history dates all the way back to the turn of the twentieth century. While development of the area continued into the early 1980s, Spruce Avenue maintains the quiet, historical charm home buyers have come to expect from a mature neighbourhood.

Spruce Avenue’s central location has drawn several major amenities, including Kingsway Mall, NAIT, and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Two local schools, a large park and playground site, and an active community league are centrally located within the neighbourhood, making it an excellent location for growing families. Thanks to the community’s unusual shape, the area is surrounded by several major thoroughfares, including Princess Elizabeth Avenue, 118th Ave, 97th Street, 106th Street and Kingsway Avenue. Commuters can reach downtown Edmonton and the Yellowhead Highway in 10-minutes or less.

Single-family homes of all styles and price points account for most residences in Spruce Avenue. Older bungalows featuring modern upgrades and plenty of character are a common find in the area, however, contemporary townhomes and apartment-style condos are also readily available.

Average Spruce Avenue Listing Price = $417,000*

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7. Parkdale

The north-central neighbourhood of Parkdale is defined by 89th Street to the west, 118th Ave to the north, the Capital LRT line to the east and 112th Ave to the south. An older community, nearly half of Parkdale’s residential development occurred before the end of the Second World War. Like most mature communities, Parkdale is characterized by walkable, tree-lined streets, established amenities and easy accessibility.

Parkdale sits within proximity to Edmonton’s central business district, Commonwealth Stadium and Recreation Centre, and the Northlands Exhibition Grounds. Locally, the neighbourhood is home to a K-9 school, several park sites and a community league offering various family-friendly programs and events throughout the year. Grocers, services, restaurants and a variety of other amenities can be found along the major thoroughfares defining this desirable neighbourhood. Kingsway Mall, the Royal Alexandra Hospital and NAIT campus are only a 5-minute drive away.

Single-family homes account for roughly 70% of Parkdale real estate, including character homes (many built between 1910 and 1950) and eye-catching new infill. The remaining third of home styles available in the area consist of duplexes, townhomes, and high and low-rise apartment-style condos.

Average Parkdale Listing Price = $300,000*

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West Edmonton 

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1. Crestwood

Boasting beautiful homes and proximity to trendy West Edmonton amenities, Crestwood remains one of Edmonton’s most highly sought-after communities. Mature trees, large lots and scenic North Saskatchewan River Valley views are a few of the many unique features that have buyers eager to call Crestwood home.

Crestwood is an established neighbourhood, with residential development first beginning in the early 1950s. As a result, detached bungalows equipped with three to four bedrooms and large lots are common to the area, many offering recent upgrades. Crestwood is also regarded as one of Edmonton’s most in-demand infill neighbourhoods. Expertly crafted and designed, modern two-story homes, duplexes, and a small number of townhomes are cropping up throughout the community.

Nestled along the MacKinnon Ravine, Crestwood is defined by walking trails, parks and open green spaces. The area is also bounded by several major commuter routes, including Stony Plain Road, which provides streamlined access to Edmonton’s downtown core. In addition to the many boutique shops, services and restaurants along adjoining 149th Street, West Edmonton Mall can be accessed in less than 10-minutes’ drive to the west.  

Average Crestwood Listing Price = $800,000*

See homes for sale in Crestwood

2. Summerlea 

Edmonton’s premier west-end community, Summerlea is best known for its walkability, family-friendly atmosphere and proximity to one of the largest malls in the world. Even though West Edmonton Mall accounts for half of Summerlea’s development, there are still many home styles to choose from in the area.

Real estate in Summerlea offers home buyers various affordable styles to choose from, including apartment-style condos and townhomes, and a few single-family homes. With most residential development tucked neatly away in the neighbourhood’s northern end, Summerlea residents enjoy quick and convenient access to 170th and 178th Street via bordering 95th Ave.

Named for a “summertime meadow,” the neighbourhood features a large, centrally located amount of parkland that includes a modern playground, baseball and soccer fields, as well as the active Summerlea Community League. A variety of big-box retailers, restaurants, services and recreation venues can also be found in the surrounding neighbourhoods – including the Misericordia HospitalJasper Place Fitness and Leisure Centre, Terra Losa Shopping Centre and Mayfield Common.

Average Listing Price = $322,000*

See homes for sale in Summerlea

Southwest Edmonton 

1. Carter Crest 

First established in the 1990s, Carter Crest is considered a newer addition to Southwest Edmonton’s greater Riverbend area. Defined by the North Saskatchewan River Valley to the west and the Whitemud Creek Ravine to the east, Carter Crest is a picturesque community celebrated for its open green spaces, large single-family homes and laid-back atmosphere.

Real estate opportunities within Carter Crest consist predominantly of single-family homes (accounting for roughly 70% of all home styles). A great neighbourhood for growing families, detached homes in the area feature an average of four bedrooms, four bathrooms and 2,000 square feet of flexible living space. Other modern features such as vaulted ceilings, bonus and flex rooms, spacious master suites and high-end appliances are also standard. Carter Crest also houses a small number of townhomes and duplexes for those in search of a more affordable (and lower maintenance) home style.

As mentioned above, Carter Crest is defined by popular outdoor areas both to the east and west. The area includes a vast number of walking trails as well as proximity to the Derrick Golf and Winter Club and the Snow Valley Ski Club. Residents also enjoy having several major shopping districts within short driving distance, including the Currents of WindermereSouthgate Centre and South Edmonton Common. 

Average Carter Crest Listing Price = $640,000*

See homes for sale in Carter Crest

2. Strathcona 

Strathcona has been voted one of Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods many times over – and it’s not hard to see why! Located at the heart of the city’s arts and culture district, this development of this vibrant community first began in 1891. As a result, the area is renowned for its historical charm and exciting modern vibe – a unique combination that continues to make Strathcona one of the most appealing  neighbourhoods in the capital region.

Bordered by 82nd (Whyte) Ave to the south, Strathcona residents have several of the city’s most coveted amenities within arm’s reach. The multitude of local pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants deliver an exciting nighttime atmosphere, while other amenities such as schools, grocers (the famed Strathcona Farmer’s Market) and services can be found within walking distance.

As one of Edmonton’s larger real estate communities, Strathcona offers a healthy blend of apartment-style condos, townhomes and single-family homes (character and infill). While its popularity tends to spur many rentals in the area (especially among young professionals and students), ownership opportunities remain abundant.

Average Strathcona Listing Price = $574,000*

See homes for sale in Strathcona

Northeast Edmonton 

1. Cromdale  

Located immediately northeast of Edmonton city’s centre, Cromdale has been recognized as one of Edmonton’s oldest inner-city neighbourhoods. Overlooking the scenic North Saskatchewan River Valley and the Kinnaird Ravine, this mature neighbourhood is a favoured choice among younger buyers seeking open green spaces, scenic views and walkability.

Cromdale also sits within moments of the best amenities Edmonton’s city centre has to offer. This includes the many dynamic shops, services, bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes located along nearby Jasper Ave as well as Borden Park and Commonwealth Stadium (and rec centre). Families living in the area also enjoy an excellent selection of amenities, including schools, grocers and a local health centre. The nearby LRT provides easy access to libraries, hospitals, shopping and entertainment.

Cromwell real estate consists mainly of high and low-rise apartment-style condos, located in the neighbourhood’s west end. There is, however, a small selection of single-family homes available, varying from older character homes to more recent infill properties.

Average Cromdale Listing Price = $326,000*

See homes for sale in Cromdale

2. Rural North East South Sturgeon

Rural North East South Sturgeon is an affluent neighbourhood situated in rural Northeast Edmonton. As a more recent extension of the greater City of Edmonton, development within this countryside community is ongoing. Currently, Rural North East South Sturgeon is loosely defined by the North Saskatchewan River to the east and south and the CNR railway line to the northeast.

Rural North East South Sturgeon is comprised almost entirely of luxury family estates – many having been built within the last ten years. Sizes and price points for these lavish homes may range anywhere from $800,000 for a six-bedroom bi-level to $2M for a three-homes-in-one property equipped with ten bedrooms and 8,000+ square feet. Note: Many homes in the community overlook the area’s two local golf courses: RiverCrest Golf and Country Club and The Quarry. 

Despite the neighbourhood’s semi-rural setting, residents are all but removed from convenient big-city amenities. With the northeast leg of the Anthony Henday located just moments away, locals can easily access schools, shops, services, restaurants, recreation venues and more within 10-minutes. Fort Saskatchewan also sits just a short drive away to the area’s direct northeast.

Average Rural North East South Sturgeon Listing Price = $1M*

See homes for sale in Rural North East South Sturgeon 

Northwest Edmonton 

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1. Westmount 

Westmount is an older Central Northwest Edmonton neighbourhood with roots dating back to the early 1900s. At the time, Westmount was (and still is) considered an attractive area to professionals working in and around the downtown core. Despite its established status, development within Westmount continues to this day, with new revitalization initiatives taking place around the community.

At the time of its development, Westmount consisted predominantly of single-family homes. As a result, the community still houses several renovated character homes, many constructed over 100 years ago. Infill homes are also common, offering buyers a modern alternative to the area’s older properties.

Over the years, high and low-rise apartment condos have become the predominant home style in Westmount. Offering plenty of variety, apartment styles and prices vary from modest one bedroom and bathroom units starting at $75,000 to $1M+ for a stunning penthouse offering 2,000+ square feet of living space and panoramic views. Overall, average condo prices typically start in the mid 200s.

Popular amenities in and around Westmount include the 124th Street Grand Market, Unity Square, Westmount Shopping CentreVictoria Golf Course (the North Saskatchewan River Valley), and much more.

Average Westmount Listing Price = $544,000*

See homes for sale in Westmount

2. Woodcroft

A commuter’s delight, the Northwest community of Woodcroft is bounded by 142nd Street to the west, 118th Ave to the north, Groat Road to the east and 111th Ave to the south. A near-even blend of both residential and non-residential development, the community has plenty to offer prospective home buyers in terms of real estate, walking trails, parks and open green spaces.

Woodcroft is a favoured choice among families seeking that “all-in-one community” to call home. In addition to two local schools, the area also houses a major shopping district (featuring big-box retailers, grocers, banking institutions, health services, restaurants and more), a public library, the Peter Hemmingway Fitness and Leisure Centre and Edmonton’s own Telus World of Science.

With most of the community’s development occurring in the 1950s, single-family homes remain the dominant style in this desirable neighbourhood – most of which feature modern upgrades yet maintain their original character. Low rise condos, duplexes and townhomes can also be found within the area for home buyers seeking a lower-maintenance lifestyle.

Average Woodcroft Listing Price = $410,000*

See homes for sale in Woodcroft

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