Incredibly diverse, Edmonton townhomes are well suited to various lifestyles, including first-time buyersdownsizers and young families. They also offer many of the same perks as a single-family home at a fraction of the cost (and the maintenance).

But that’s not all.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that come with owning a townhome in Edmonton.

Townhome Living Defined

Simply put, townhomes are independent, multi-story units that share one or more walls with an adjoining unit. There are typically two types of townhouses in Edmonton:

Freehold Townhomes – Similar to a single-family home, freehold townhouse owners own both the home and the land on which it sits. As such, they are responsible for all maintenance and upkeep pertaining to the property, including snow removal, landscaping, etc. A freehold townhome may be the right choice for you if:

  • You don’t want to pay condo fees
  • You don’t mind overseeing your home’s maintenance (financially and physically)
  • You want the freedom to change your home’s exterior

Condo Townhomes – In a condo townhome, owners own the unit but not the exterior. As such, the home’s exterior and all other “common areas” (i.e. parking lots, green spaces, sidewalks, etc.) are owned by the community as a collective. In exchange for a monthly fee, you’ll own a share of the condo corporation, which oversees the maintenance of your home’s exterior and the common areas mentioned above. A condominium townhouse may be the right choice for you if:

  • You’re in search of a low-maintenance lifestyle where exterior maintenance (mowing, shovelling, exterior repairs, etc.) are taken care of for you
  • You don’t mind paying an additional monthly fee

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Benefit 1= Different Styles to Choose From 

New Construction Townhomes – Perfect for buyers in search of the latest features and finishes and reduced home maintenance (new home warranty), new construction townhomes may be purchased as a pre-sale or spec home:

Pre-Sale Homes – Pre-sale townhomes allow buyers greater control over their home’s customization. After choosing your ideal layout and floorplan, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of features and finishes (countertops, flooring, cabinetry, paint colours, etc.) as offered by the builder. Since your customization options may vary, your Edmonton REALTOR® can help you find the right builder for your needs.

Note: Exterior customization options may be limited due to architectural and/or condo community guidelines.

Spec Homes – Spec townhomes are brand new units in which construction is currently underway or recently completed. Spec homes may give you some say over your townhome’s interior design (depending on construction stage) or enable you to skip the decision-making process altogether. Overall, spec townhomes provide all the benefits of a brand-new home within a shorter timeframe.

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Waterfront Townhomes – Waterfront homes represent some of Edmonton’s most desirable real estate holdings – and it’s not hard to see why! Offering scenic views and ample recreation, waterfront townhomes provide opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing and more. Choose life on the water by opting for a townhome in any of Edmonton’s urban resort-style neighbourhoods or scenic stormwater pond communities.

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Infill Townhomes – Infill homes offer the best of both worlds between contemporary living and a charming, established neighbourhood. Often, older homes in older communities are replaced with new multi-family homes, allowing buyers to benefit from modern features, oversized lots, mature trees and proximity to desirable amenities.

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Luxury Townhomes – Edmonton is home to numerous luxury communities. Typically priced at $600,000 and up, luxury townhomes in these neighbourhoods are often equipped with 1,500 square feet of lavish living space spread across multiple stories. Find these high-end units along the North Saskatchewan River Valley, in the downtown core, in prestigious gated communities and more.

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Benefit 2 = Affordability

Townhomes are, on average, $200,000 less than the median sale price for a single-detached home. Thanks to their affordability, they are a popular choice among first-time buyers, downsizers and those  looking for a smaller down payment and smaller mortgage. In some instances, you may be required to pay an additional condo fee, but these fees are often offset through reduced maintenance costs. Lower property taxes and utility bills are also standard among Edmonton townhouses.

Benefit 3 = Single-Family Features 

Townhouses in Edmonton offer many of the same benefits as their detached counterparts. In addition to multiple storeys, these family-friendly homes generally include two or more bedrooms and bathrooms and an average of 1,200 square feet. Private yard spaces, attached or detached garages and fully finished basements are also common, similar to a single-family home. Here too, townhome floor plans are often characterized by family-friendly spaces and features, including:

  • 5-piece spa-like ensuites – His and hers sinks, walk-in glass showers, soaker tubs, water closets, tile surround, in-floor heating, built-ins, etc.
  • Chef-inspired kitchens – Stone countertops, eat-in islands, stainless steel appliances, plenty of counter and cabinet space, etc.
  • Large master bedrooms (walk-in closets)
  • Upper-floor laundry
  • High ceilings
  • Convenient mudrooms
  • Dens/flex rooms/bonus rooms
  • Outdoor entertainment spaces
  • And more!

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Benefit 4 = Reduced Maintenance 

In choosing a townhome, you’re also choosing a lower-maintenance lifestyle. Many townhome developments are governed by a condo board or homeowner’s association (HOA). Monthly condo fees ensure that all exterior maintenance, including mowing, shovelling, landscaping and more, are overseen by the board – allowing you to spend less time worrying about upkeep and more time doing what you love.

Alternatively, freehold townhomes will require some maintenance. That being said, maintenance is generally less costly and time-consuming when compared to a larger, single-family home.

Benefit 5 = On and Offsite Amenities 

Another benefit of townhome living is the community amenities. In condo board or HOA-run neighbourhoods especially, owners may look forward to onsite amenities such as community recreation facilities, pools, fitness centres, and indoor and outdoor gathering spaces.

Additionally, townhome communities are often constructed near popular external amenities, such as schools, services and transit. Other desirable amenities to expect within minutes of your neighbourhood may include shopping centres, restaurants, parks, commuter roads, and more.

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Benefit 6 = A Sense of Security 

Edmonton townhome developments are known for their tight-knit community atmosphere. This is ideal for connecting with your neighbours (and making new friends), and it also provides a heightened sense of security. Some neighbourhoods may offer additional security features such as keyless entry systems, locked gates, visitor management, video surveillance, enhanced lighting and more.

Benefit 7 = Peace and Quiet 

Contrary to popular belief, townhome owners enjoy a peaceful and quiet lifestyle. In newer townhouse communities especially, home builders use superior soundproofing materials to ensure you won’t overhear your neighbour’s TV or dog barking during the day. And, unlike apartment-style condos, you won’t have to contend with neighbours above and below your unit.

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Benefit 8 = Great Resale Value

Not only do townhomes provide excellent value for your money, but they also offer great resale value for the following reasons:

Regular Demand – Since townhomes cater to a wide variety of lifestyles, they are consistently in demand.

Passive Income Potential – Thanks to their low-maintenance requirements, townhouses are ideal for

Edmonton real estate investors.

Condo Boards and HOAs – One of the primary roles of a condo board or HOA is ensuring a townhome community retains its value. This value is maintained through the upkeep of local amenities, curb appeal and regular exterior maintenance.

Benefit 9 = Choose Your Neighbourhood 

Whether you’re searching for a historic river valley community or a brand-new neighbourhood still under development, townhomes are available in nearly every area and every quadrant of the city. For more information as to what Edmonton neighbourhood will best meet your unique needs and lifestyle, be sure to take advantage of any (or all) of our FREE community resources:

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Edmonton Real Estate – From home styles and pricing to community features and amenities, our guide will tell you everything you need to know about Edmonton’s distinct quadrants and the unique communities therein.
  • Edmonton’s Top Infill Communities – One-of-a-kind homes, tree-lined streets and excellent amenities are just the start! Learn more about the city’s many popular infill neighbourhoods with our free guide.

Helpful Townhome Buying Tips: 

Get Pre-Approved – Know how much home you can afford before beginning your new home hunt. Not only will a pre-approval help you narrow down your new home search, but it will also ensure you’re taken more seriously by home sellers.

See also: Mortgage Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval: The Differences You Need to Know.

Determine Your Wants and Needs – Take some time to list your wants and needs before looking at potential homes. For example, NEEDS may include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, a neighbourhood close to work or specific amenities. WANTS, on the other hand, are things you’d like to have but aren’t essential to your happiness (i.e. a jacuzzi tub or quartz countertops).

  • Your wants vs. needs list is important for several reasons:
  • It will save you time: You won’t be looking at homes that don’t match your criteria
  • It will save you money: You won’t overspend on items that, in retrospect, aren’t important
  • It will save you heartache: It will keep you from getting emotionally attached to a home you can’t afford

Keep in mind, you always have the option of adding those “wants” later on. You may not have that spa-like ensuite now, but you may be able to renovate in the future.

Work With a REALTOR® – Purchasing a home can be challenging even for the most seasoned home buyer. That’s why we recommend partnering with an experienced Edmonton REALTOR®.

Research the Neighbourhoods – Ask your Edmonton REALTOR® about which communities will best suit your current and future needs. We recommend visiting these prospective neighbourhoods at various times throughout the day before purchasing your home to minimize potential surprises later on.  \

See also: 6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing a Neighbourhood.

Be Prepared for Closing Costs – As a buyer, you need to be prepared for closing costs. Comprising roughly 1.5 to 4% of the home’s overall purchase price, closing costs cover additional fees typically associated with administration, legalities (lawyer fees), title insurance, land transfer tax, and even moving costs. Here again, a good REALTOR® will be instrumental in helping you navigate the process. This includes everything from assisting you with the paperwork to taking you on your final walk-through.

Working With the Right REALTOR® 

Working with an expert who understands the Edmonton townhome market is critical when looking for the right townhome. As one of Edmonton’s leading townhome real estate teams, the Terry Paranych Real Estate Group has the skills, professionalism, and experience to guide you on your home buying journey from start to finish:

  • Determining your townhome wants and needs
  • Getting pre-approved for the right mortgage
  • Zero-ing in on the right neighbourhood
  • Finding the right townhome
  • Negotiating with townhome sellers
  • Navigating paperwork and purchase details
  • And more!

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*In some instances, townhome developments may be community owned

Check out our latest listings for more information on townhomes for sale in Edmonton. We also invite you to take advantage of any one of our FREE home buying resources, including: 

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