The Benefits of Choosing a Semi Detached Duplex Home in Edmonton

From growing families and first-time buyers to downsizers and working professionals, Edmonton duplexes are ideal for every taste, lifestyle and budget. In addition, these spacious semi-detached homes offer many of the same benefits as the average single-family property, less the price tag and maintenance.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that come with owning a duplex in Edmonton:

Duplex Living Defined

In short, duplexes are multi-family homes containing two units in the same building. Duplexes are commonly side-by-side, but they may consist of two floors with separate entrances. Unlike a townhome or apartment-style condo, duplexes share only one common wall with the neighbouring unit, giving them more of a “single-family home feel.”

Duplexes also differ from townhomes and condos in that they are individually owned – making them ideal for home buyers wanting to own their own home as well as the land on which it sits. As such, owners are responsible for all maintenance and upkeep relating to the property, including snow removal, landscaping, etc.

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Benefit 1= Different Duplex Styles to Choose From 

Despite what you may have heard, duplexes come in all shapes and sizes. From affordable upgraded models to modern new construction properties, duplex homes are extremely versatile and may include any of the following:

Luxury Duplexes – Spread across a number of luxury communities throughout Edmonton, including gated communities, budding new neighbourhoods, established areas and more. These lavish homes may feature multiple storeys, generous amounts of square footage, spacious open floor plans and high-end finishes such as:

  • Chef-inspired kitchens and formal dining areas
  • Spacious master suites with spa-like ensuites
  • Upper-floor laundry
  • High ceilings and oversized windows
  • Outdoor entertainment spaces
  • And more!

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Infill Duplexes – Infill is the process of building new homes in an established neighbourhood. As older homes give way to new construction, they are often replaced with new multi-family homes, offering buyers the best of both worlds between modern construction and mature community charm.

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New Construction Duplexes – Reduced home maintenance (new home warranty) and the latest finishes and features are just the start. When opting for a new construction duplex, you can also have as much (or as little) say as you want when it comes to your home’s design:

  • Pre-Sale Duplexes – Pre-sale duplexes offer the most control over your home’s customization. Work closely with an Edmonton home builder to choose your floorplan, layout, finishes and features – including cabinetry, countertops and more. Since your customization options may vary, be sure to as your Edmonton REALTOR® which builder is right for your needs.

Note: Exterior customization options may be limited due to architectural and/or community guidelines.

  • Spec Duplexes – Spec duplexes are brand new units on which construction is currently underway or recently completed. Often referred to as “quick possessions,” spec homes may give you some say over your duplex’s interior design (i.e. paint colour, flooring, etc.) or skip the decision-making process altogether. Overall, spec duplexes provide all the benefits of a brand-new home within a shorter timeframe.

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Waterfront Duplexes – Waterfront homes are considered any property overlooking a body of water. These may include duplexes near a scenic stormwater pond or nestled alongside the North Saskatchewan River. Duplexes may also be found in exclusive lakeside communities such as Jensen Lakes or Summerside.

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Benefit 2 = Detached Family Features 

As mentioned above, Edmonton duplexes offer many of the same advantages of a single-family home at a fraction of the cost. These include two or more storeys, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and plenty of room to grow. Attached or detached garages, private outdoor entertainment spaces and finished basements are also standard among Edmonton duplexes.

Perfect for growing families, duplex floor plans also come characterized by family-friendly spaces and features:

Outdoor Space – Perfect for pets, children and outdoor entertaining, duplex units come with plenty of private yard space to enjoy. Duplex owners may look forward to decks, patios, mature landscaping, garden spaces and outdoor play areas.

Plenty of Storage – Mudrooms, walk-in closets, pantries and finished basements are just the start. Much like a single-family home, duplexes provide ample storage via cabinetry and cupboard space, attached and detached garages and outdoor sheds and more.

Family-Friendly Floorplans – Duplexes are the largest of their multi-family counterparts and generally include two to three bedrooms and bathrooms and 1,700+ square feet of open living space. Bonus rooms, eat-in kitchen islands and home offices may also come standard.

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Benefit 3 = Ultra Affordability… 

Edmonton duplexes are, on average, $200,000 less than a single-family home. For this reason, they make an excellent choice for first-time buyers, families on a budget, downsizers or any buyer searching for a lower down payment and reduced monthly payments. Lower utility bills and property taxes are also common among Edmonton duplexes.

Benefit 4 = …and Excellent Resale Value

Not only are duplexes affordable up front, but they’re also known for their exceptional resale value:

Consistent Demand – As duplexes cater to a wide range of lifestyles while offering affordable single-family features, they remain in constant demand. As such, you can look forward to a healthy return on your investment when you’re ready to sell.

Rental Potential – Duplexes are ideal for Edmonton real estate investors. Investors may either rent both units and enjoy multiple streams of passive income or live in one unit while renting out the other (perfect for helping you pay down your mortgage).

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Benefit 5 = A Sense of Security and Privacy

Edmonton duplex developments are known for their tight-knit community atmosphere. This is ideal for connecting with your neighbours (and making new friends) while providing a heightened sense of security. Some neighbourhoods (such as 40+ communities) may offer additional security features such as locked gates, enhanced lighting, video surveillance, keyless entry systems and visitor management.

In addition, you’ll always have a sense of privacy as duplexes maintain separate entrances, garages (garage entry) and yard spaces. 

Benefit 6 = Proximity to Amenities 

Another perk in choosing a duplex in Edmonton is proximity to amenities. Built with convenience in mind, these units are often located within walking distance of essential services, schools and transit. Additional nearby amenities may include major shopping hubs, restaurants and recreation venues, parks, playgrounds and commuter roads.

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Benefit 7 = Peace and Quiet 

Shared walls don’t mean shared noise. In fact, modern duplexes offer the latest soundproofing technology and material, ensuring you’ll never overhear your neighbour’s TV or dog barking. Here too, duplexes are considered “medium-density” homes, meaning you won’t have to contend with neighbours on both sides, above or below your unit (like a townhome or apartment-style condo).

Benefit 8 = Choose Your Community 

Whether you’re searching for a brand-new neighbourhood in the suburbs or an established community near the downtown core, duplexes can be found in every area of the city. For more information as to what Edmonton community will best meet your individual wants and needs, we invite you to download any (or all) of our FREE neighbourhood resources:

  • Edmonton’s Top Infill Communities – Quiet, tree-lined streets, modern home features and established amenities are just a few of the many benefits to look forward to when opting for an infill home. Learn more about Edmonton’s ultra-desirable infill communities with the help of our free guide.

Helpful Duplex Buying Tips: 

Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval – Find out how much you can afford before hitting the Edmonton market. Not only will a pre-approval help you narrow down your new home search, but it will also ensure you’re taken more seriously by Edmonton home sellers. When in doubt, we recommend working with a mortgage broker who can help you shop for the right mortgage lender and the best mortgage rates.

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Separate Your Wants and Needs – In short, new home “wants” are items that would be nice to have in your new home, but you can live without. Typical examples may include a fireplace, natural hardwood flooring and a jetted tub. Conversely, “needs” are your absolute must-haves (i.e. deal breakers), such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, proximity to schools and work, etc. Take some time to list your wants and needs before looking at potential homes.

A wants vs. needs list is essential for several reasons:

  • It will save you time: You won’t be looking at homes that don’t match your criteria
  • It will save you money: You won’t overspend on items that, in retrospect, aren’t important
  • It will save you heartache: It will keep you from getting emotionally attached to a home you can’t afford

Keep in mind, you always have the option of adding those “wants” later on. For instance, you may not have that authentic hardwood flooring now, but you can always install it later.

Check Out the Neighbourhood – Your Edmonton REALTOR® will help you narrow down which communities best suit your current and future needs. If possible, we recommend visiting these neighbourhoods at various times during the day to minimize potential surprises later on (i.e. highway traffic, nearby construction, overhead flight paths, etc.)

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Be Ready for Closing Costs – Closing costs account for approximately 1.5 to 4% of a home’s overall purchase price. These additional fees are generally associated with legal costs, administration, title insurance, land transfer tax, moving costs and more. Here again, a good Edmonton REALTOR® will be instrumental in helping you work through the closing process, including everything from negotiating  with the seller and navigating the paperwork to taking you on your final walk-through.

Working With the Right REALTOR® 

Working with an expert who understands the Edmonton duplex market is critical when looking for the right duplex. As one of Edmonton’s leading duplex real estate teams, the Terry Paranych Real Estate Group has the skills, professionalism, and experience to guide you on your home buying journey from start to finish:

  • Determining your duplex wants and needs
  • Getting pre-approved for the right mortgage
  • Zero-ing in on the right neighbourhood
  • Finding the right duplex
  • Negotiating with duplex sellers
  • Navigating paperwork and purchase details
  • And more!

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Check out our latest listings for more information on duplexes for sale in Edmonton. We also invite you to take advantage of any one of our FREE home buying resources, including: 

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