It’s no secret that as we get older, our needs change. The large home you needed in your 30’s and 40’s may no longer suit your current lifestyle. As a result, you may find yourself seeking a property in which its’ size and features will better cater to your needs now and in the future.

If you’ve been thinking of downsizing to a smaller home that will allow you to age comfortably in place, here are a few features to look for:

1. Main Floor Living

Tackling several flights of stairs on the daily may be manageable now, but what about the future? One of the first (and best) perks of downsizing is the opportunity to purchase a property that provides single-level living. Having your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, and entertainment space on one floor will offer greater convenience and accessibility.

2. Wider Doors and Hallways

Not only will wider doors and hallways give your home a more spacious, open feel, but they will also make your home easier to navigate in later years (this is especially important should you require a walker or wheelchair). Here too, you may want to ensure your entrances are step-free.

3. Open Floor Plans

Speaking of a spacious, open feel, opting for an open floor plan will also ensure you’ll have freedom to move around in the future. As an added bonus, open floor plans often deliver more natural light as well as more options for furniture placement and décor.

4. Walk-Showers

Walk-in showers and tubs don’t just look great, they’re also an outstanding safety feature -guaranteed to give you peace of mind as you get older. Because they are easy to clean and, more importantly, easy to maneuver in and out of (no edges to step over), they’re the perfect option for reducing maintenance and potential falls.

5. Ultra-Low Maintenance

As you may already know, larger, single-family properties are a lot of work. As we get older, basic tasks such as mowing the lawn, shovelling snow, cleaning, and making home repairs gradually become more difficult. For this reason, we recommend choosing a property that makes maintenance easy, such as one affiliated with a homeowner’s association or condo board. Outdoor chores will be taken care of for you, and, in the case of single-floor living (mentioned above), the home will be easier to clean.

6. Storage Space

Of course, the objective of downsizing is to get rid of those larger-home belongings you no longer need in exchange for a simpler, low-maintenance lifestyle. That being said, we understand it’s not easy to part with items you’ve held on to for so many years. The solution? Look for a home that includes plenty of storage. This way, you’ll be able to keep many of these things with you until you’re ready to shed your excess stuff.

7. Nearby Amenities

Last but not least, you’ll likely want to choose a property that provides convenient access to essential amenities such as grocery stores, public transportation, medical facilities, retailers and entertainment. Having everything you need in your neighbourhood will make it easier to connect with the services you need when you need them.

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