Of course, you love your home. After all, you picked it, right? Unfortunately, nothing stays the same forever – not even you! Careers change, families grow, lifestyles evolve and, as a result, you may find your home isn’t meeting your needs the way it used to.

Have you outgrown your current home? Here’s how to tell:

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1. You’re Bursting at the Seams With Stuff….

If you need to clear a path to make it from one end of your home to another, it might be time for a new one. Even if you’ve managed to keep clutter out from underfoot, if your closets are bursting at the seams (no matter how many times you purge and organize), a home with more storage will make life a lot easier.

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2. …And People 

It’s not uncommon for kids to share, but if you find yourself with more children than you do bedrooms, a better-suited home is the best solution. Older kids, especially, will appreciate having their own space, and you’ll appreciate having less sibling conflicts as result.

3. You’re Working From Home 

Is your living room performing double duty as your office? Tired of seeking refuge in the bathroom every time you take an urgent call? With today’s workforce evolving to include more remote workers, it’s now more important than ever to have a home office. Don’t need a full-time office? No problem. This additional space can also moonlight as a study area for the kids or guest bedroom.

4. You Plan On Expanding Your Family

Even if you have enough room, what about in five years’ time? Are you planning on having children (or more children)? Do you see ageing parents or relatives coming to live with you? In either scenario, your current home may not have enough room or the right features to cater to these changing family factors. 

5. You Love to Entertain  

If your home’s current layout is less than entertainment-friendly (i.e. your guests are stacked on top of each other), it’s time to consider something that’s a little more accommodating. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean a larger home. A property with an open layout, outdoor patio/deck space, extra bedrooms and bathrooms and/or additional shared living space (or all of the above) is guaranteed to make socializing easier. 

6. You’re Dreaming of Desirable Features 

Whether it be a spa-like ensuite, chef-inspired kitchen, double attached garage or roomy backyard for your children and pets, if you’re regularly fantasizing about all the features you could have in a new home, it’s likely time for an upgrade.

7. You’ve Outgrown Your Neighbourhood 

Your home isn’t the only thing you can outgrow. Sometimes homeowners, despite how much they love their current property, find themselves outgrowing their neighbourhood. This may be due to a job change (i.e. long commute to work) or want of amenities their community lacks (i.e. nearby schools, grocers, health and medical services, etc.).

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8. Renovations = Heart Palpitations

Does the thought of renovating your home have you break out in a cold sweat? We don’t blame you! Renovations aren’t just stressful and time-consuming, they’re costly – so much so that experts recommend setting aside an additional 25% above your original reno budget for “unexpected costs”. Wouldn’t it just be easier (and in many cases more cost-effective) to move to a better home? We’d like to think so.

9. It No Longer Suits Your Lifestyle

Here again, “outgrowing” your home doesn’t necessarily mean you require a larger property. It may simply mean you require something better suited to your lifestyle. For instance, your existing home may be too high maintenance (large lawn to mow, massive driveway to shovel, home is getting older, etc.), and you’d prefer a property that allows you to dedicate more time to yourself and your family.

Is your home no longer right for you? We can help! Check out our Dream Home Finder, and we’ll help you zero in on the very best Edmonton Real Estate listings – custom-tailored directly to your unique wants and needs!

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