A clean, organized pantry doesn’t just look good. It can also save you time in the kitchen, money on groceries and stress when it comes to finding what you need (without having to launch a search party).

If you’ve been meaning to organize your problem pantry, we have nine simple (and clever) tips to help get you started.

Tip 1 = Eradicate Expired Items 

Purge your pantry first. Take everything out and place items on your counter so it’s easier to check expiry dates (this includes baking items and spices!). For items without dates, check out this shelf life of pantry foods chart. 

Pro Tip = Make a list as you go so you know what needs replacing 

Tip 2 = Storage For the Win 

Use pantry baskets and bins to group and organize items (i.e. random baking items in one, oils and sauces in another, etc.). For an ultra-pulled together look, we recommend choosing matching storage solutions, many of which can be stacked to save on shelf space. 

Tip 3 = Use Clear Containers 

Use clear plastic or glass jars to store dry goods so you can identify and grab ingredients quickly and easily. Bonus: Using clear jars will also encourage you to buy bulk, which is generally much more affordable than prepackaged items. 

Tip 4 = Arrange High to Low 

Reserve your top shelves for seasonal and less frequently used items (i.e. Christmas cookie cutters or your turkey carving knife). Lower shelves are ideal for regularly used goods, especially kid-friendly necessities and snacks.

Tip 5 = Love Your Lazy Susan 

Tired of wading through a jumble of cans every time you make a meal? Make finding what you need easier and save on shelf space by incorporating one (or a few) Lazy Susans.

Tip 6 = Categorize Your Cans

Now that you have a convenient place to store your canned goods, group them by category (i.e. veggies, fruit, soups, etc.) for optimal organization. 

Tip 7 = Add Extra Shelving 

Let no space go to waste! Even the smallest sections of pantry wall can be put to good use with a few floating shelves or hanging cubbies (a perfect place to store your spices!). 

Tip 8 = Utilize Door Space 

Your pantry door provides yet another great opportunity for additional storage space. Install a pantry door organizer (or even a shoe organizer) specifically for spices and other miscellaneous items. Alternatively, you can apply a little chalkboard paint and use your pantry door for grocery lists, notes to family members and important reminders. 

Tip 9 = Employ Pull-Out Drawers 

Make the most out of the space below your pantry shelves with pull out drawers. Sliding organizers are yet another easy way to save time (and your back), as you won’t have to search and reach for items stowed in the far back corner of your pantry. 

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