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Your home’s initial impression on potential home buyers often guides their decision-making process. Edmonton REALTORS® emphasize that even the smallest details can significantly impact a buyer’s perception, especially in a competitive market. So, how can you make your home stand out among the crowd? By creating a memorable viewing experience that’s sure to stick.

Here’s what you need to know about showcasing your home for a great sale.

1. Curb Appeal 

While you have no control over your home’s location, you can still make it the most impressive home on the block. As the front yard will be the first thing potential buyers see, it ultimately sets the tone for their entire visit. Be sure to create a positive impression by boosting your curb appeal.

• Clean Your Yard - Remove debris and trim overgrown trees and bushes. Clearing away as much debris as possible results in a larger appearance and prevents potential buyers from perceiving your yard as needing work.

• Plant Flowers – You can greatly improve your home's exterior appearance by replacing dead plants with a small selection of flowers. Strive for a moderate quantity to create fun pops of colour rather than planting wall-to-wall blooms. 

• Address Paint Around Doors and Windowsills - Cracked or peeling paint creates an impression of an old, poorly maintained home. As a result, buyers may assume there may be additional issues with the property. Investing the time to make minor improvements will significantly affect your overall selling price.

• Be Neat and Tidy - Perform tasks such as sweeping the walkway, eliminating cobwebs, cleaning the windows and screens, and tidying up the children’s toys. During winter, clear the laneway and sidewalks of any snow or ice. Take a moment to walk around your front yard and view it with a fresh perspective, paying close attention to any minor details that could potentially concern a potential buyer.

• Ask Your Trusted Real Estate Professional – An Edmonton REALTOR® can provide you with an impartial viewpoint, offering valuable insights on how to improve your home. Additionally, they have insider knowledge about what appeals to buyers most. A REALTOR® understands what attracts buyers to a property and can provide suggestions on highlighting your home’s best attributes.

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2. De-Personalize 

Remember that effective showcasing will provide potential buyers with a blank canvas where they can picture themselves living in your home. The best way to accomplish this is by minimizing your presence. Of course, this might be challenging since you’ve likely spent years personalizing your home to make it your own, but we have some easy and affordable suggestions.

• Remove All Family Photos – Limit your personal items to a select few. For example, the hallway filled with pictures of your children may evoke warm memories for you, but it can be distracting for buyers. It’s important to create a space where buyers feel welcome and able to form their own emotional connection with your property. If you’re unsure what to remove, consult your REALTOR®. 

• Remove Yourself from the Buyer - During an open house OR private showing, allow potential buyers to move freely without your presence. Having you around can make them uncomfortable and uneasy while exploring your home, especially when sharing their thoughts and impressions with their REALTOR®. Admittedly, when dealing with a private showing rather than an open house, leaving your home all together may not be doable, but you can still make yourself scarce. For example, step outside in the backyard while your potential buyer explores the interior of your home and vice versa.

• Remove Pets and Kids - Even when your children and pets are well-behaved, they may still distract the buyer from connecting with your home. If you're unable to remove them during a showing, keep them occupied in a specific room to prevent them from following the buyer around while they explore.

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3. De-Clutter 

Even though you’ve cleaned your home from top to bottom, it may not look clean. While you may have spotless surfaces, clean counters, and dust-free corners, clutter can still create an untidy impression. Additionally, it could suggest limited living space and insufficient storage. It’s important to consider that the buyer should be able to envision their belongings fitting seamlessly into your home.

Make your home looks its clutter-free best by following these tips:

• Don’t Overload the Furniture - Consider renting a temporary storage unit for items you no longer use, giving the impression of ample space. Arrange furniture strategically to create clear pathways and ensure there is enough room for large items like couches and tables. Avoid overcrowding the space with numerous chairs, end tables, and decorative items, as this can make the room feel smaller. However, don’t leave the house completely empty either, as it might not be inviting. If possible, leave a few pieces of furniture behind to enhance the appeal of your home.

• Stow Away Old Clothing… - Store any seasonal clothing you won’t use until settling into your new home. Consider getting wardrobe boxes and keeping them in your garage or a storage facility. It’s important to note that an excessively cluttered closet can also give potential buyers the impression that there isn’t enough storage. You’ll also want to organize and clean shelves and other storage areas to create more appeal.

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•…And Children’s Toys - Store children’s items in a way that keeps them out of immediate sight. When shelves are filled with various toys and bric-a-brac, it can create a sense of chaos. Instead, you want them to concentrate solely on your home’s appeal without giving the impression of disorder.

• Update What’s Worn Down - When preparing your home for viewing, it’s essential to thoroughly clean and remove hard water stains from the bathroom and kitchen. These stubborn stains can make tiles and appliances appear aged and outdated. Consider using specially formulated cleansers to address lime, calcium, and rust stains. In the case of severely stained or cracked grout between tiles, new grout will create a fresher appearance. It’s crucial to ensure that nothing looks old or worn out, including fixtures such as lights and faucets.

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4. Add a Little Ambiance 

The little things can go a long way when it comes to getting ready for an open house or a private showing. 

• Incorporate Enticing Smells - Although scented candles can be enjoyable, they may irritate buyers with a sensitive sense of smell. Instead, try using lightly scented potpourri or cinnamon sticks. Alternatively, you might want to try baking cookies to create an inviting aroma. Good smells develop associations with good feelings of home and warmth but don’t overdo it. Overpowering scents can turn people off.

• Add a Little Music - Consider playing soft, calming background music at a low volume. Having a radio in each room allows visitors to enjoy soothing melodies while exploring your house. Be mindful of setting your music to an agreeable level so it serves as a subtle addition rather than a distraction.

• Consider a Professional Stager – Staging your home will enhance the appeal of your home for potential buyers. While real estate professionals are highly knowledgeable in providing valuable insights to maximize your home’s sale value, they also have access to these professionals, who offer an additional advantage in presenting your property.

Note: Staging is particularly relevant if you’re selling a luxury home, as the expectations of luxury buyers tend to be more discerning. Remember that luxury buyers appreciate a high-end aesthetic, and you should aim to meet or exceed their standards. By leveraging the expertise of a professional stager, you can gain a competitive edge in attracting buyers who are more likely to be interested in your property.

5. Highlight Your Home’s Positive Features 

Most buyers are actively considering multiple properties, and, by the end of the day, they might struggle to remember which property stood out the most. That’s why it’s essential to differentiate your property from the competition. Here are a few tips:

• Trust Your REALTOR® - With their extensive experience, real estate professionals interact with potential buyers daily, thereby gaining an understanding of their preferences and purchasing patterns. By leveraging this knowledge, they can advise you on the specific features of your home that are highly sought-after in today’s market. While you may personally find the upgrades you have made appealing, consulting with your REATLOR® will help determine whether they hold the same appeal to potential buyers.

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• Draw Attention to New Fixtures and Features - Highlighting recent improvements to your home, such as a new roof, water heater, modern HVAC system or upgraded plumbing, is crucial. Creating awareness is important because it assures buyers these fixtures are reliable and require little to no maintenance.

• And Don’t Forget the Appliances - If you plan on including the refrigerator and/or the washer and dryer in the sale, be sure to make it known. This will alleviate the concern of purchasing these items separately if they choose to buy your home instead of another that does not offer the same amenities.

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6. Keep It Neutral 

Colour preferences vary. That’s why it’s important to adjust your colour scheme to a more neutral palette. If your walls are vibrant and your furniture is subdued, buyers may struggle to see your home as a suitable match for their style. By applying neutral colours to the walls, you offer buyers a blank canvas to imagine their possessions in your home instead.

• Get Rid of the Wallpaper - Wallpaper can pose a significant challenge because it generally reflects your personal style. If you feel confident enough to remove it on your own, you can save yourself the added expense of hiring a professional. Alternatively, investing a small among of money and hiring a professional to remove the wallpaper, prepare the surface, and paint it with a neutral colour will pay dividends. 

• Paint Makes a Great Accent - If you have crown moulding, consider painting the moulding a slightly lighter hue than the wall colour. This creates a striking contrast, especially on neutral-coloured walls. Likewise, painting the area above a fireplace with a slightly deeper shade can make it a prominent highlight when someone enters the room. Interior designers refer to this as “creating a focal point,” a strategy experienced real estate professionals recognize as an asset for sellers.

• Pay Extra Attention to Smaller Rooms – Colour and presentation are especially important for small rooms. If you have chosen to paint your small second bedroom with a rich red hue, it can create a cramped atmosphere. On the other hand, opting for a light and neutral shade can create an illusion of openness, making the room appear larger than it is.

7. Partner with a Pro

Selling a home can be a complicated process that requires experience, time, and expertise. Real estate agents have extensive knowledge about what buyers are looking for and make a significant difference when it comes to attracting them to your home. 

Here are three great reasons to work with an Edmonton REALTOR®:

• Your Home Will Stand Out - To get the most money out of your home, you need to give your home an edge over others on the market. This is especially crucial in a buyer’s market where every advantage counts, and a knowledgeable REALTOR® can help you showcase your property in the best way possible.

• They Can Sell Your Home Quickly and For the Most Money Possible - Real estate agents have extensive experience navigating the Edmonton market. They possess valuable knowledge about buyer preferences and what motivates them to make offers. Before listing your home, most agents will identify any necessary adjustments to enhance your home and attract buyers.

• They’re a Great Buffer - Selling your home can be an emotional time, and the last thing you want is to find yourself debating the value of a home you’re undoubtedly attached to. That’s why having someone else handle the tough bargaining for you is beneficial. A qualified REALTOR® understands how to keep calm and look out for your best interests, ultimately helping you maximize your home’s sale.

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