Boost your home’s curb appeal with this handful of easy tips.

Pressure Wash the Exterior

A lot of grime can accumulate on your home’s exterior over the course of a year. Give your home’s appearance an instant boost by pressure washing the siding, windows, deck, patio, gutters and walkways.

Note: You can rent a pressure washer from most major hardware stores

Check Your Gutters

Now that you’ve cleaned your gutters to ensure proper drainage, check their appearance. Are they looking warped, sad and saggy? A gutter replacement will help sharpen the lines around the exterior of your home and protect it from water damage.

Show Your Lawn Some Love

In addition to the standard spring rake and mow, opt to give your lawn a healthy new start by aerating (thatching), weeding and feeding. Aerating or thatching will allow nutrients from grass seed to effectively take root, while a weed and feed blend will help stop weeds before they start. 

Manicure the Miscellaneous

If your yard is home to shrubs, bushes, trees or other forms of greenery that tend to take over, be sure to prune and trim as necessary. This will keep your outdoor space looking well maintained as opposed to messy or unruly.

Decorate Your Front Door

Nothing says “Welcome” like a welcome mat (literally). Add some décor to your door with the help of an eye-catching doormat and a colourful wreath. You may even opt to switch these items out as the season changes.

Establish Symmetry

Give your front entryway a polished, pulled-together look by employing the use of symmetry. For instance, two wall lanterns on either side of your front door or a decorative urn on both the left and right of your entryway will be instantly pleasing to the eye.  

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Potted Plants for the Win

In addition to tending to what’s already in your garden (removing dead plants, adding fresh mulch, etc.), liven up your outdoor space with the help of a few new potted plants or flowers. Place a decorative pot on either side of the front walkway or stairs to help create that symmetrical look we mentioned above.

Paint Your Front Door

Give your home an instant facelift by simply painting your front door. Not only is it a fun way to add a fresh pop of colour, painting your door has been proven to boost your home’s resale value!

Fix What Needs Fixing

No matter how much effort you put into maintaining the lawn or embellishing your entryway, if your home is in need of repairs, it will stick out like a sore thumb. Address obvious problems such as a ripped screen, chipping paint or damaged downspout. Here too, more extensive repairs may be in order in the event of an ageing roof, warped siding, tired garage door or cracked driveway.

Replace Old Hardware

Give your mailbox a makeover, upgrade your house numbers and change out your old, dull door hardware (think of how good new hardware will look on your freshly painted door).

Lighten Up

A dark entryway isn’t just unwelcoming; it’s dangerous. Start by replacing all outdoor light bulbs, as necessary. You may even consider swapping outdated sconces or fixtures for more modern versions as a means of gaining more light while improving the look of your home. Adding a few solar-powered pathway markers will enhance your walkway, as well.

Have a Seat

An outdoor seating area is a sure-fire way to make your home look more inviting. Not only will you have a place to relax outdoors and welcome guests, but you can also mix and match outdoor furniture and accessories to compliment your home’s exterior décor.  

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