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Whether you have a cat, a dog, or any other type of pet the commonality that they all face is that when it comes time for a move the process can be extremely stressful and cause anxiety for your furry family members. Pets are creatures of habit and when the environment changes for them suddenly, it can cause a great deal of stress to them. Luckily there are some things that you can do to prepare them for the upcoming move and things that you can do after the move has been completed to reduce the stress and anxiety they may feel.

Preparing Your Pet For A Move

Although it may be difficult, the best way to prepare your pet for a move is to remain calm yourself. Animals have an intuition and can tell when you are feeling anxious, keeping your cool

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The City of Edmonton wanted to honour the bravery and sacrifice that the Fort McMurray Fire Chief displayed during the Wildfires that happened back in May by having him lead the K-Days Parade as a Marshall. Chief Darby Allen of Fort McMurray will be joined by Edmonton's Chief, Ken Block, as they will lead the other first responders as well as a train of other floats, musicians and mascots on Friday morning. 

Not only are Allen and Block feeling an intense amount of honour and gratitude for being selected to lead the parade that will kick off the 10-day K-Days festival, but other city officials feel the same way. Other city officials have stated that the first responders were the reason that all individuals were able to leave Fort McMurray safely

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With the festival season in full force in the City of Champions, it's no wonder that the time has come for one of the most popular events of them all. The Taste Of Edmonton is set to open to the public tomorrow, July 21, 2016 for 10 days. This festival located at Churchill Square will be celebrating it's 32nd year and has grown to be one of Canada's largest taste festival. Hundreds of thousands of people make time to visit this festival every single year and last year the festival brought over 480,000 residents to The Taste of Edmonton.

It is no doubt that every year this festival gets better and better and this year is no exception. There will be 16 new restaurants and food trucks and 79 new menu items bringing the total number of vendors at the

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The Crawford Block which is a new residential rental complex set to accept tenants in September on Gateway Boulevard. The development will be an extension of the historic building that currently is where the city's popular establishments El Cortez, Gravity Pope and Frank & Oak are located. Although the development is an exciting addition to the city as it is, the fact that they are not offering parking has brought a lot of attention to the project - both good and bad.

Chris Dulaba, the developer of this 40 unit residential rental complex, feels that this building is in the heart of Edmonton's most dense pedestrian zone in the city and that adding parking to the building does not make sense. Dulaba believes that the cost savings the development will

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When making the decision to move into your dream home it is easy to spend time thinking about the interior of the home and the design choices you would make and often not much attention goes to what type of driveway would be perfect for you and your home. Although you may think that the options for driveways are very limited, the reality is that there are a few options that you have when it comes to picking the style and make of your driveway. There are 5 different types of driveways that you can chose from, let's review them!


Concrete driveways are the most popular choice when it comes to selecting a driveway for your home because they are inexpensive and long lasting. Traditionally, concrete driveways would be the standard grey and

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Selling your home is an exciting process and the last thing you want is to receive an offer that is 10-30% below your asking price. Although it is great that you have received an offer on your property, receiving a low ball offer can leave you with a sour taste in your mouth. Often sellers feel emotional when receiving these low offers because they feel that the offer is a reflection of them or their home. However, there are things that you can do along with your real estate professionals to turn that low ball offer into a home run. 

1. Don't Get Insulted

The first impression that we get when we receive a low ball offer is that the potential buyer on the other end of the offer is trying to take advantage of you. This is not always the case, as a

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We all want our living space to look and feel luxurious without having to break the bank because it not only makes living feel great but also helps add to the resale value of your home. However, most homeowners often feel like the only way to have a home that looks and feels luxurious also comes with a luxurious price tag. Luckily, there are some things that you can do in your home that can have a positive impact on the look, feel, and resale value of your home without costing a fortune. Check out these 6 home upgrades that you can do in your home that are surprisingly cost effective.

1. Upgrade Your Patio

One of the most luxurious things that you can have on your patio is an outdoor kitchen that is fully equipped with an outdoor stove, sink,

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Have you ever been to a friends place and have backyard envy? We have all been there! Creating an outdoor oasis in your backyard is something that anyone can achieve, no matter the size of the yard! Here are some basic things that you can do that will make spending time in your backyard feel like you are living the resort lifestyle.

Create Pathways

Creating pathways from your front yard to your backyard makes for a warm and inviting entrance to your oasis. This is truly the first step in giving your yard the facelift you desire.

Add Torches

One of the easiest and most cost effective way to make your backyard a place you will never want to leave is by adding torches throughout the yard. Not only can these torches be beautiful accent pieces,

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2016 has brought a series of announcements for skyscrapers in Edmonton but there may not have been an announcement quite like the newest 35-storey tower that will be developed on 120 Street and Jasper Avenue. The building's architect, Chris Downey, lost his vision eight years ago after being a renowned architect for over 20 years due to a surgery he underwent to remove a brain tumor. Downey is developing the building for the Canadian National Institute for Blindness (CNIB) for both commercial and residential space.

It is no surprise that the decision to approve this project was unopposed by all city council members as it will not only add to the new skyline of the downtown core, but also be a building that is meant to support those in the city that

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Moving can be an excrutiating process and often gets put off to the last minute. It is a common belief that when it comes time to move into your new dream home, the preparation can take months; however, the reality is that it can be a quick and efficient process as long as you follow these three tips.

Tip #1 - Do Your Homework

There are often two options when it comes time to get all your possessions organized and ready for the move. You can either spend months organizing your home before you start the move or you can approach it in a chaos packing everything room by room without any rhyme or reason. Experts suggest that you spend quite a bit of time researching potential moving companies to see what they can offer you in terms of assistance.

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