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If you’re a newlywed or just thinking about the possibility of owning a home with your significant other, there are many things to think about. Married and cohabitating couples alike share similar challenges. Before making those crucial decisions, it may be best to consider talking about these important topics and asking questions ahead of time.

Credit Scores

It may not be the most comfortable topic to discuss, but your credit scores can be greatly affected by your partner’s spending habits and history. Many couples say this can be a make it or break it subject when choosing to move forward with their partner. Although it can be a taboo subject, if one person’s score is significantly lower than the other individual’s, this could affect their

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The average worker change jobs on average 5 to 10 times throughout their career, but what does that mean when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage? Lenders often want to see your ability to provide steady, predictable income and often will look at your employment history and records in order to determine whether you qualify for a mortgage or at what rate you qualify for.Ā 

A good rule of thumb when it comes to what lenders are looking for is that the applicant has been working in the same field and position for a minimum of 2 years. This shows the lenders that you have financial stability and are able to determine, based on the income level you are at, what mortgage you are able to qualify for. A few common scenarios and what each of them mean for

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It might be shocking to hear that Uber is back in business in Edmonton after this unique transportation company was rejected from operation in the City of Champions earlier this year. This time it back operating in a completely unique way and has approved all legal qualifications.

This time, instead of acting as an alternative taxi service in the city, Uber will be entering the food delivery service for 40 of Edmonton's top restaurants. The company plans to coordinate this through launching an app called UberEats which can be downloaded onto any mobile device. Restaurants that will be partnering with UberEats include El Cortez, MKT Fresh Food, Block 1912 and many more. 

Owners of Edmonton's restaurants are enthused by the concept and are

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The 2016 Property Tax Assessments were mailed out in January to over 380,000 properties for review. Out of these assessments, only 2,500 came back for negotiations of which 500 were residential properties. The total amount to be collected from the 2016 Property Taxes is $1.9 billion of which 56% will be allocated to the city's operating fund totaling $1.4 billion.

Based on the final assessments, the average residential property is worth $408,000 with the average property tax per home owner being $3,266.

So Where Do Your Property Taxes Go?

As homeowners, we understand that every year we are responsible for our property taxes but have you ever wondered where this money goes? According to Rod Risling, the manager of the city's Assessment and

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There are times in people's lives where funds get tight and they find themselves facing either a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. The experience is often quite daunting and the idea of rebuilding and being able to remove this dark spot on your record seems impossible. Is it possible for an individual to qualify for a mortgage after they have been through a bankruptcy or consumer proposal? For many's relief, the answer is yes.

Often times people go through bankruptcies or consumer proposals because they are in tough situations in their lives. The positive news is that going through a bankruptcy or consumer proposal is not the end. There are steps that you can take in order to rebuild your credit and prove to lenders that the mark on your history

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It has been 3 weeks since the wildfires raged through Fort McMurray and approximately 2,400 houses and structures were destroyed. A question that has been weighing on the minds of many residents of Fort McMurray and Alberta is how will this disaster will effect home prices in the Wood Buffalo area.

The situation is quite unique, according to real estate experts, primarily due to the crash in the price of oil and the natural disaster. It is expected that housing prices are not expected to spike due to the wildfires. According to the Fort McMurray Real Estate Board, home prices in Fort McMurray dropped between 6.9% and 24.9% between the period of March 2015 and March 2016. 

The loss in properties in Fort McMurray has actually acted as a way to

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The thought of moving to a new home is always exciting until we have to go through the labour intensive process of actually moving. Often, this process can become even more stressful when we take into account all the well-intentioned moving advice. Here are four of the most common moving myths you must avoid when it comes time for your move.

1. Free Boxes Are Your Best Option

Free is not always better. It may be tempting to collect boxes from your local grocery stores or liquor stores for your upcoming move but often times the boxes you collect will be flimsy and have no top lids. Proper moving boxes should have flaps on the top and bottom of the boxes so that they can be taped up appropriately. When you equip yourself with the proper boxes, you

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Many real estate markets in Canada are experiencing the impact of having foreign investors enter their market places and it has stirred up quite the debate. CIBC's deputy chief economist is proposing that Canada takes after the steps that other countries have in place by introducing a tax on foreign investors looking to flip houses in the Canadian real estate market. CIBC believes that imposing such a tax can help protect domestic interests and inflated prices due to foreign investment.

Markets such as Vancouver and Toronto are currently experiencing what having their market saturated with foreign investment can do - putting the price of a home out of reach from the residents of the market. Although Benjamin Tal of CIBC does understand that not all

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Development at Rogers Place continues to change the face of Edmonton's downtown core and this time it has nothing to do with the arena. Last week, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) announced it's plans to move into the Stantec Tower from it's current location at TD Tower in December 2008. 

Edmonton's office managing partner for PwC, David Bryan, expressed his enthusiasm for the move as he feels that the new Ice District in Edmonton is a testament to all the new and exciting development Edmonton has to offer. Edmonton has not always been known for it's architecture downtown; however, the new Ice District is going to be Canada's largest development project that will is multi-functional to include sports, entertainment, residential and commercial offerings

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Edmonton's 124 Street Grand Market is open for business again this year in Edmonton, this time with a new location. The 124 Street Market has been providing local vendors a place to sell their fresh produce, handicrafts and other products for five years, but because of the neighborhood renewal construction happening in the area, the market was forced to find a new place to call home this year. Traditionally, the market was always held on the corner of 124 Street and 108 Avenue, but now will be moved a few blocks away and will be located at 124 Street and 102 Avenue between 123 Street and 124 Street.

The director of the Grand Market, Krista Franke, believes that despite the logistical challenges of changing locations the market should remain strong

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