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Brander Gardens is a luxury community on top of the riverbank in Edmonton and boasts having multi-million dollar properties so it is no surprise that the recent proposal to convert cardiologist's Dennis Modry's $6.6 million, 3.2 hectare property into 6 four storey luxury condos met some backlash. Residents of the community feel that they have spent a lot of time and energy creating a unique family environment and culture which the proposal impedes upon - especially considering the property has been proposed to be a gated community. Although over two dozen residents of the community verbally opposed the proposal, city council members approved the proposal after a long discussion on August 22, 2016.

The architects and developers understand the

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Bringing a new family member into your home is a very exciting time for new parents; however it can be stressful and challenging when it comes time to deciding the best ways to create a nursery in your home - especially when it comes to creating one in a small space. Having a child means that you will be accumulating a lot of stuff and making sure that you are making the best use of the space you have in your home is crucial. Here are some tips that can truly help you create a functional space in your nursery in order to make sure that you maximize the space you have.

Take A Trip To Ikea

Ikea offers some of the best solutions when it comes to customizing furniture that will fit any space while having storage capabilities at the same time. Not to

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and is often the single greatest factor when it comes to deciding whether a home is your dream come true or worst nightmare. Whether you are desiring a major upgrade in order to fall in love with your home again, deciding to renovate your kitchen in order to prepare it for sale or you are making the decision to purchase a home that needs a major update, it is important to have crystal clear expectations on what to expect when going through a renovation.

Understanding The Costs Of A Kitchen Remodel

Renovating your kitchen is one of the most expensive projects that you can take in your home and often it is estimated that you will invest approximately one-fifth of the value of your home into your kitchen. It is

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It is time to move and when staring at an empty moving truck, it's easy to be positive that loading the truck properly will be a breeze. But more times that not, when you are halfway through your move you may end up baffled as to how your loading process went sideways. You are not alone and there are some quick tips that can really help you avoid the confusion and have you loading your moving truck like a professional.

Use A Standard Size For All Moving Boxes

Often times when we are preparing for a move, we tend to purchase different sizes of moving boxes thinking that this is the best practice. However, if you want to move like a pro and ensure that you have no problems when it comes time to loading your truck, it is important to purchase a

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When thinking of getting a home inspection, we often think that this is something that a buyer is responsible for as a way to protect their investment and know exactly what the condition of the home is before they finalize their buying decision. A home inspection will be able to analyze the property and check on the foundation, the structure, the plumbing and HVAC systems (to name a few) in order to determine the conditions of the home and what will need repair before the purchase of the home. However, when it comes time to selling your home, should you get a pre-inspection before you start having potential buyers through your home? Let's review the pros and cons to having a pre-inspection when selling your home.

Pros Of Getting A Pre-Inspection

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The Edmonton Municipal Airport officially shut it's doors in 2009 and rumors of what the city plans to do with land have been floating around ever since. The city plans to convert the airport area into a residential community called Blatchford. On Tuesday, the first phase plans for the redevelopment were announced. The plans included approximately 250 residential units that will include four to six storey apartments and complexes, a central park that will have space for a skating rink in the winter, a community firepit, vegetable gardens and playground. The plans also included some commercial amenities such as a series of shops that will have condo space available above them. Access to the first phase of the Blatchford redevelopment will be from Airport

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News of Roger's Place has been a hot topic in the news for the last year in Edmonton, but before it open's it's doors for Hockey games, concerts and other events it will be open for a public tour on September 10. The $480 million facility has been eagerly anticipated by people in Edmonton and the executive director of the downtown arena project expressed that there has been such a focus into every detail in order to make sure that people get the absolute best first impression of the facility. He believes that this is a great opportunity for residents of Edmonton to get an intimate look at what the development has been all about.

Tickets for the free public tour of Roger's Place will be made available on August 29 and can be acquired through the

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Purchasing a home is a big investment especially in Edmonton with the rising property value in the marketplace. Often times one of the first suggestions that you receive when it comes time to list your property is to stage your home so that it can be in the best possible condition to entice buyers; however, this option can be quite costly and time consuming. The great news is that there are a few different things that you can do on your own without having to hire a professional that will truly set your home apart and help to increase the value of your home. These four tips are simple and easy to do and will really allow a potential buyer to see the vision of what it will be like to make your home their dream home.

1. A Fresh Coat Of Paint

One of

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When it comes time to sell our home receiving multiple offers is a dream come true. Most sellers would assume that receiving multiple offers can solely be accounted to luck or the market conditions. While this may be true to some degree, there are strategies that you and your real estate professional can use in order to put you in a position to be able to receive these multiple offers. When hiring an agent, it is important that you align yourself with a great team that is experienced in getting their clients multiple offers. Here are some strategies that will create a bidding war when listing your home.

Price Your Home Competitively

We all want to receive the highest and best offer that we can and when it comes to the listing appointment,

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A studio apartment simply means that there is no separation between your bedroom, living space and kitchen and really requires that all your living, eating and sleeping occurs in one open space. Some people love the ability to live in such an open concept place while others truly cannot stand it. Let's review what the advantages and disadvantages are for living in a studio apartment.

The Advantages For Living In A Studio Apartment

One of the major advantages to living in a studio is that you are able to live affordably and in a great neighbourhood without having to sacrifice quality or having to live with someone else. Selecting to live as a bachelor can often save you a few hundred dollars on your rental income or your mortgage payments every

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