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After a long day and week at work, the last thing you want to do is clean our house. You are definitely not alone, many homeowners feel the exact same way as you do and is why many of these individuals will choose to hire a cleaning professional. However, if you asked most house cleaners if the homeowner is making their job easier or more difficult, they would say that there are instances where their job in fact becomes more difficult. We are going to review 7 things that your house cleaner wished you knew and did in order to ensure that you are satisfied with the clean and help make their job a lot easier. Let's review them together.

1. Save Money By Pre-Cleaning

This may seem counter-intuitive, to clean prior to your professional house

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We have had an unusually warm fall this year in the City of Champions and it is easy to forget the harsh reality that winter is coming. Whether it be the clothes you wear or the car you drive getting ready for winter takes preparation, and it is no different when it comes to your home. These 6 tips will help to ensure that your home is sufficiently prepared for winter.

Tip #1

The first tip really focuses on the exterior of your home. It is extremely important that when the inevitable snowfall comes, that as a homeowner, you are properly maintaining the exterior of your home and ensuring that the walkways are all cleared and all potential ice patches are cleared to ensure that there is no chance of falling and getting injured. It is also

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and this definitely rings true when home owners are planning out their dream home. Often times when we are selecting features for our kitchen, we focus on what countertop would be best, what types and colours of cabinets to select, and what backsplash would act as the perfect accent to the room; however, selecting the type of flooring for the kitchen is a step that often gets overlooked. Selecting the right flooring for your kitchen is very important and there are many factors to consider which we will review below. No matter what flooring you end up selecting for your kitchen, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages to the different types of flooring as well as the costs associated with each

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A new neighbourhood will be presented in front of City Council this afternoon in the Southwest of Edmonton adjacent to Winderemere and Ambleside. Currently the land proposed for the new neighbourhood, Glenridding Ravine, is being used for agriculture, farmsteads, a golf course and other natural areas and takes up 197 hectares. Based on the plans and the land mass, Glenridding Ravine is expected to house 8,000 residents. 

The plans are to mix both low density and medium density homes at a 60/40 split, respectively. The low density homes will consist of single family homes and semi detached homes and the medium density homes will consist of row housing and low rise multi-family units. Building a neighbourhood that primarily consists of low and medium

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On October 17, a proposal was announced to develop a 80-storey residential tower that will make it the tallest residential tower in Edmonton. Up until this proposal, the tallest tower in the city was going to be the Stantec Tower at 66-stories. The Quarters Hotel and Residences will be located at Jasper Avenue and Grierson Hill Road just west of the Shaw Conference Centre and east of 96th Street in the community of Boyle Street.

Although the Boyle Street community has not been a historically desirable neighbourhood in the city, the developers, Alldritt Land Corporation, believe that the development of this building will help give new life and revitalize the community. If all the rezoning plans go according to plan, the building is expected to open

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When it comes time to purchasing your first home, the decision of whether to purchase a single-family home, a duplex, a townhouse or a condo can be extremely overwhelming. Is it better for you to purchase a townhouse over all the rest of the options? Ultimately, the decision may change depending on your needs and desires; however, there are plenty of reasons as to why a townhouse is an ideal option for first-time home buyers. Let's review these below.

The primary difference between a townhouse and a single family home is the fact that two of the main walls are connected to the adjacent townhomes whereas in a single family home, there are no shared walls with your neighbours. Home owners typically want to have privacy and complete ownership when it

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An Edmonton based home building comany, Novahus, has plans to assist the residents of Fort McMurray who were victims of the fire by introducing a new housing initiative that combines energy efficiency with affordability through constructing homes out of shipping containers. The popularity of this style of home is growing in Edmonton and other markets as it is not only affordable but also construction of these homes take approximately 90 days to complete after an individual receives their building permit from the city. Novahus believes that this option is the perfect option for the victims of the Fort McMurray fire as the costs range between $60,000 and $268,500.

Novahus introduced this option to the community at the Fort McMurray Home Show at the

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Planning to purchase your first home is both an exciting and a nerve racking experience. According to the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association, if you have never owned a property before you may qualify for the First Time Home Buyers's Tax Credit that can be applied to the purchase of your home. In order to qualify for this tax credit, you must meet the criteria listed below. 

Your Personal Income Tax Rate

Qualifying for your First Time Home Buyers' Tax Credit is based upon calculating your personal income tax rate based upon taking the lowest personal income tax rate between you and your spouse by $5,000. As of 2014, the tax credit granted would be a $750 refund. It is important to note that if your non-refundable tax credit exceeds your

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Basements have a history of being a dumping ground and the lowest priority when it comes to the rooms in your home. When it comes time to sell, it is extremely important that you are not giving that impression to the potential buyers that will be viewing your property. Ensuring that you spend the time and energy to properly stage your basement will go a long way in the home selling process as it can provide the impression of extra square footage and space for your potential buyer. If you follow these staging and renovation ideas below, you will be sure to create an environment that will truly impress buyers.

Clear The Clutter

Nothing gives a terrible first impression to a home like clutter. Most basements fall into the trap of collecting all the

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The Buena Vista Apartments has been an iconic building on the corner of 124 Street and 102 Avenue for over 100 years. The apartments has been home to popular local businesses such as the Glenora Bed & Breakfast, The Glenora Bistro and Cafe DeVille. Although the building was an architectural masterpiece on the outside, the interior of the building was extremely old and facing a plethora of issues. The building has a history of heating, plumbing and electrical issues and was demolished early Friday morning. Business owners have reported to have invested tens of thousands of dollars in the last 7 years to keep everything up to code.

For those of us who loved the Buena Vista Apartments and are sad to see it be demolished, there is positive news.

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